Angus MacFadyen Cast As Jor-El In Superman & Lois

We are getting closer and closer to the series premiere of Superman and Lois and the news and hype train are in full effect! Today we are learning a big bit of casting news that we've been curious about for a long time. As the story goes, Jor-El and Krypton have been dead for a great many years by the time that Superman gets to Earth. If that's true in the show or not, we aren't sure but Jor-El is still with his son via an artificial intelligence hologram. We've been curious if Jor-El would make an appearance in the show since Superman and the Fortress have appeared on Supergirl. Today we know that Jor-El will indeed appear and he will be played by Braveheart actor, Angus MacFadyen. The CW offered this official description of Jor-El:

Jor-El is Clark Kent’s Kryptonian father. Though he died along with Krypton, his brilliant essence still exists within the arctic Fortress of Solitude to provide guidance when his son seeks help.

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