Clark Kent

Clark Kent (born 1979 as Kal-El) is the son of the late Jor-El and the late Lara Van-El, the paternal cousin of Kara Zor-El, the best friend of James Olsen, the husband of Lois Lane, and the father of Jonathan Kent and one or more sons, as well as a member of the Crisis team. After being rocketed to Earth as a baby from the dying planet of Krypton alongside his older cousin, Kara, who remained stuck in the Phantom Zone - thus arriving un-aged 24 years later, he was discovered by "Pa" and "Ma" Kent, a couple of kindly humans who raised him as their son in the little town of Smallville, Kansas, imbuing him with strong moral values and leading him to decide to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. In his secret identity, Clark worked as a reporter at the Daily Planet in the city of Metropolis, while secretly operating as one of the planet's greatest protectors; the world-famous superhero known as Superman, stylized as the "Man of Steel", the "Man of Tomorrow" and the "Last Son of Krypton".

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Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a top reporter for the Daily Planet. She is the daughter of Sam Lane, the estranged older sister of Lucy Lane, the wife of Clark Kent, and mother of Jonathan and Jordan Kent.

A strong and assertive investigative reporter who would rush headlong into dangerous situations to uncover the truth, Lois was in love with both Superman and Clark for a very long time, unaware at the time, that the two were one-and-the same. Eventually, Clark revealed his alter-ego to her and they were married, starting their own family.

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Jonathan Kent

A 13-year-old Caucasian boy, who is well on his way to becoming a physical specimen. Jonathan is a clean-cut, modest and kind-hearted, with an aw-shucks attitude that somehow doesn't seem dated. He is also a three-sport athlete who's already garnering attention from college and pro-scouts.

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Jordan Kent

Also 13-years old and Caucasian, but has a young Leonardo DiCaprio quality and inherent darkness to him. Jordan is wildly intelligent, but his mercurial temperament and social anxiety limit his interactions with individuals. Consequently, he spends most of his free time playing video games. Jordan has gained some of the powers that his father has and is working with Kal-El and Jor-El to control his abilities.

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Samuel Lane

A no-nonsense Army general and Lois' father who's determined to keep America and the world, safe from all threats - from this world or beyond. Lane's a workaholic who demands nothing but excellence from all those in his life. He is in the picture and knows about Clark.

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Lana Lang-Cushing

She is also a big part of the show. She is the loan officer at Smallville Bank who stayed in Smallville when others left for something bigger and brighter. Lana re-establishes her friendship with her old friend, Clark Kent, during one of the most difficult periods in her life. She is also the wife of Kyle Cushing and the mother of Sarah and Sophie.

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Kyle Cushing

Smallville's fire chief and local hero who's seen his fair share of tragedy. The small town raised with small-town beliefs, Kyle doesn't care much for the big city and often butts heads with people that come from it. He is also the husband of Lana Lang and the father of Sarah and Sophie. He's also a drunk.

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Sarah Cushing

Sarah Cushing is a resident of Smallville. She is also the daughter of Kyle Cushing and Lana Lang Cushing, the older sister of Sophie Cushing and the ex-girlfriend of Sean Smith. When she was a child, Sarah befriended Jordan and Jonathan Kent when they stayed with their grandmother one summer. When Sarah was around 13, she developed depression and tried to commit suicide with an overdose of her mother’s pills but survived. She began seeing Dr. Lawrence at the request of her mother. When Martha Kent died, Sarah went to the funeral with her family. There, she met Jonathan and Jordan Kent again.

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Morgan Edge

In the new multiverse, Morgan is a majority shareholder of Galaxy Holdings, the owner of the Daily Planet, and the CEO of Edge EnerCorp. This version of Morgan Edge is actually Tol-Rho, half-older brother to Kal-El who shares a mother, Lara Lor-Van. When news of Krypton's demise reached Zeta-Rho, Tol-Rho's father, he was sent to Earth with a mission to restore Krypton. He used his mother's device, The Eradicator to plant Kryptonian consciousness into humans, giving control over to the Kryptonian and suppressing the human. Having spent much of his life in a military prison, Edge/Tol-Rho has no love for humanity and will stop at nothing to restore his home planet.

Captain Luthor

AKA The Stranger, AKA Captain Luthor, this multiverse refugee comes from a version of Earth where Kal-El didn't find Lois Lane and his half brother, Tol-Rho convinced him to join Rho's crusade to bring back Kryptonians by infusing their consciousnesses into human hosts turning them into a Kryptonian. John Henry Irons, married to Lois Lane (of his Earth) had a daughter Natalie. After the death of Lois Lane at the hands of Kal-El, "Nat" and Irons worked to build a suit that could stop Kryptonians using stolen Luthor Corp products. This lead to the AI in the suit referring to him as Captain Luthor. It wasn't until Lois Lane and Kal-El of Earth Prime showed Irons that our Earth's Superman is different. It was then that Irons dropped the Captain Luthor moniker and began using his real name again.

Note, the Earth Prime version of Irons was killed years ago in a military operation. He never met Lois Lane of our Earth.