Lies that Bind Recap

Well it's been one heck of an unplanned hiatus, but we are so excited to be back and picking up right where we left off! Clark has told and shown Lana his secret. Now that Lana is in the inner circle of team Superman, what kind of ramifications does that bring? Does Lana's daughter Sarah get to know? Does that save Sarah's relationship with Jordan? That's not all though, Ally has merged with her other self, just how powerful will that make her? Will the other Lana come back and make another attempt to merge with our Lana? There's so much great storytelling ahead, we can't wait to share with you, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Lana and Clark: Lana reflects on all the strange things that have happened to her throughout her time in Smallville. She realizes that Clark has always been there and that he had to leave to become Superman. Clark returned for Lana but she was already with Kyle. Lana drives off leaving Clark to wonder how she is doing. The boys are allowed to return to school but with the stress of Ally, Jordan, Jon and Natalie skip. Lana ponders more about Clark and leaves Kyle at the diner and Clark goes to get more information about Ally from Jon-El.
  2. Destroy the Portal: John and Sam have determined that the pendant can't be destroyed at least not by himself alone. Clark says there is always another way and flies off. Jon and Jordan learn that Natalie is building her own power suit. She offers it to Jon for protection but they need to get XK to power it. Lana reveals she is the most angry at Lois. Clark goes to speak with his brother to help him destroy the pendant. Tal wants a real relationship with Clark so Clark takes him to the farm to speak with Lois. 
  3. Tal-Rho the Savior: Clark brings Tal to apologize to Lois. John and Sam join and the team discuss having Tal help. Jordan, Jon and Natalie mine some of the XK and see a large vein of it. It begins to glow and the cave starts to break up around them. Kyle picks up Sarah and the two remark on how different Lana's been acting.
  4. Cave In: The mining has caused a cave in and Jordan rushes Jon and Natalie out. They escape but forget the XK. Kyle and Sarah talk about their break-ups and Kyle makes the choice to call the bartender woman. Lois and Lana speak at the Mayor's office. Lois wants Lana's trust back. She begins telling her everything about her family. Tal and Clark begin to destroy the pendant when god-mode Ally arrives to take it back. 
  5. Destroying the Pendant: Ally is very strong and can seem to siphon power from Kryptonians. She hits Tal first and takes off with the pendant but Superman chases. She starts to siphon on Superman when Steel smacks her out of the sky. She drops the pendant and Superman chases after it. With Steel holding Ally off, the pair destroy the pendant. Ally scoops up the remains and leaves. Tal escapes too.

In the final wrap up moments, Sam, John, Clark and Lois talk about Ally's threats and consider how they might face an enemy that can steal Superman's powers. Lana goes home and speaks with Sarah. Lana decides to tell Sarah but after an interruption, Lana decides to keep Sarah in the dark. Clark and Lois arrive to speak with Lana. Jon, Jordan and Natalie share a laugh over the day's events. John offers to make the boys dinner. Lana decides to cut Lois and Clark out of her life to protect her family for now. Kyle takes Sarah to an open mic night to do a song. In order to become stronger, Ally sucks all the energy out of Bizarro Tal-Rho. Check out the trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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