30 Days and 30 Nights Recap

We were shocked when the trailer for this week's all new episode of Superman and Lois came out last week. Superman goes missing? Many have speculated that this could be some kind of flashback episode, because it seems odd that in this stage of the show that something would pull Superman away from the very serious issues going on with Ally. Speaking of being shocked, we did not see Lucy's betrayal coming at all! That was serious and clearly Lucy is going after Ally to free her. It all seems like getting Ally to the inverse world is the catalyst for disaster! Of course Jordan is starting to seek a life like his father's as well. There is a lot going on in Smallville, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Ally Makes it Through: We pick up right where left off, Lucy gets Ally out of the DOD and she is rushed to the portal. Superman tries to stop her but he isn't in time. He then starts to speed up and goes through the portal. And just like that, we've gone through a month time gap. Jordan continues to train, Jon works at the store, and the mayoral race is coming to a close. Jon is still ostracized by the town and Jordan and John Henry are trying to pick up the slack in Superman's absence. When a fire breaks out in a barn, Jordan rushes to save Kyle and Steel shows up to stop the fire.
  2. Natalie's Mom's Death: It's been a year since the other Lois was killed by the evil Superman and Natalie is feeling the loss strongly. Natalie and Sarah notice John flirting with Lana and it's upsetting. Jordan talks to Jon about how he flew for a little bit! When Lois drops Natalie off at her place she learns of Jordan's deeds. Lois is furious at Jordan and Jordan says she can't stop him from being super. 
  3. John's Moving On: John talks to Natalie about his memory of Lois. He is trying to move on and he want's Natalie to understand the difference between remembering and obsessing. Sarah goes to check on her dad and finds him in worse condition than thought. He is bleeding through his bandages. Lois investigates the barn fire and we learn its a distribution center for XK. Jon decides that if the DOD can protect his source, he'll give up his girlfriend as the dealer. 
  4. Dealer Revealed: Jordan, Jon, Sam and Lois hear Candice's confession. They believe that it could be a hit against them from another dealer. Jordan offers to use his super hearing to listen for leads. Sarah brings her dad some decorations. Sam, Jordan and Lois go to the dealers and discover a whole new operation! When they go to leave they are caught by an XK user.
  5. Mayoral Race: Sam and Lois are taken inside the drug den. Lana learns the election results are in. Back at the drug den, Lois and Sam need Jordan's help. He rushes in and discovers that his super speed has really kicked in now too. He is easily able to dispatch the dealers in the drug den. This however, means he wasn't there when Lana was declared mayor of Smallville.

In the final wrap up moments of the show, Lana thanks everyone for her victory. Sarah calls Jordan out for not being there. She breaks up with Jordan until he tells her why he keeps disappearing. John and Natalie watch old home movies and honor their Lois. Sarah goes to stay with her dad after her break-up. Jon walks Candance almost home but has a headache and leaves. Lois and Jordan talk on the porch. Then Jon from the inverse world arrives at the farm. Check out a preview for the next all new episode of Superman and Lois below:

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#2 RE: 30 Days and 30 Nights RecapCatPat 2022-04-19 17:38
I didn't think Lana would win the Mayor's race.

Lucy pulled a fast one. She does not seem as emotionally strong as she was pre Crisis on Earth 38.
+1 #1 RE: 30 Days and 30 Nights Recapvantheman77 2022-03-29 18:44
A good story of victories and losses. They pulled it off well despite little screentime from Superman, which that will likely be the closest thing to being absent.

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