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Tonight is a big night! While we would argue that all episodes of this show so far have been a love letter to the characters and mythos of Superman, series lead and beloved actor for Lois Lane, Bitsie Tulloch has shared on social media that tonight was particularly made as a love letter to Superman. Story-wise we know through a sneak peek that Jordan's relationship with Sarah is going to change and Superman is depowered at the gates of the Fortress of Solitude! We left Tal-Rho with Leslie Larr and while they didn't have their army of other Kryptonians, they still have something up their sleeves! Let's break down this love letter to Superman together, here's what stood out to us:

  1. The Fortress of Solitude: We join a teenaged Clark who is wandering the arctic following the Sunstone. He forms the Fortress of Solitude and meets Jor-El for the first time. He trains for years and learns to master his powers. Jor-El says he has one lesson left to learn and Jor-El couldn't be the one to teach it to him. Clark needs to learn why he wants to protect humanity. He returns to Smallville to discuss it with Lana but he sees she's engaged to Kyle and so he doesn't talk to her. He goes home where Martha has had a dream of him as an adult flying. She makes his first costume for him. Superman debuts to the world as we saw him in the first episode catching the car.
  2. The Daily Planet: Clark discovers that his disguise works well in Metropolis. He goes to The Daily Planet to get a job. Clark pairs with Lois at The Planet were he quickly finds that she is someone who is really following the pain points of the city. Clark and Lois find a new way to help the city through journalism. Lois gets a lead on the Nazi terrorist who's burning up the city. Superman hears her in trouble and arrives as Superman to save her and stop the villain. He meets Lois as Superman for the first time and she coins his name, "Superman".
  3. The Daily Planet Today: Lois reveals Superman to the world on her tv show for The Daily Planet. During a break in the filming we learn that Lois is already in love with Clark and hasn't told him yet. Clark and Lois start dating. Clark takes Lois to the farm to meet Martha. While taking her to the farm, he's made the choice to tell Lois who he really is. We jump ahead in time a bit to after they are married watching the same cuts we saw in the first episode. Clark is excited to tell Jor-El about his marriage where we see him tell Clark he has to leave immediately and Clark wakes up and we aren't sure if it was a dream or not.
  4. Lois is Pregnant: Clark awakes with time missing a bit. Lois goes to tell him the exciting news. At this point in the episode though, something starts to seem out of place. Tal-Rho seems to be watching Clark's memories. We discover that all these memories were happening with Superman in the Fortress. Tal-Rho was watching them, learning who Clark is, and who his Earthly family is. Tal-Rho uses this information to demand Superman's surrender.
  5. Negotiations: Tal-Rho knew that Clark was going to be weak from the solar flare and used his knowledge of Kryptonians to take advantage of Clark. Jor-El appears in the fortress to defend his son. Tal-Rho says he will share that Superman has a family and shatter their world. Clark notes that he spoke with Lara and that she didn't want Tal-Rho's kind of rebirth. Tal-Rho loses his patience and attacks the weakened Superman who loses the fight and is knocked out. He crushes the Sunstone removing Jor-El from Kal's life. Back in Smallville, Sarah and Jordan decided to become involved. As the Kent family minus Clark return to the farm, Tal-Rho arrives and refers to himself as "Uncle Morgan"!

In the final wrap up moments, Jordan tries to stand up to his uncle but isn't strong enough. Superman finally makes it back badly beaten. To buy his family time and safety, Superman pledges to serve Tal-Rho. He takes Superman to his Fortress that he built in the desert. We learn that Zeta-Rho was there as well just like Jor-El was. The Rhos begin their corruption of Superman in their fortress. Lois calls for John Henry Irons.

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#4 CovidSuperman-and-Lois-Admin 2021-06-24 19:29
I will give all Arrowverse shows a TON of plausible deniability for these seasons because they were made in a pandemic. Not having mentioned Kara so far is entirely forgivable when you don’t even know if or when your sister show will air. I hope she can visit eventually but just happy to have a show at all in a pandemic.
+1 #3 RE: A Brief Reminiscence ... RecapCatPat 2021-06-23 10:17
Well, the potential theory that S&L may be set a sometimes in the future and the Fortress was somehow damaged since Supergirl were blown out of the water. Obviously, they simply want no continuity with Supergirl, as the Fortress has apparently always look as it does. I think differences involving the twins can still be attributed to Crisis but we have seen the vastly different Fortress on Supergirl since Crisis.

I had to rewind a couple of times to watch Superman go into the phone booth to change back to his Clark Kent alter ego.

Quite fun.

Not sure that I was sold on Lois calling Irons and say she thinks he was right about everything. It did not ring true. We will see how it plays out next week.
+1 #2 RE: A Brief Reminiscence ... RecapCRSmfan 2021-06-23 04:10
The 1st half of that episode is easily my favorite part of the season, so so much to enjoy starting with another excellent performance from Tyler, the cinematic opening with young Kal-El, Superman's Superheroics, the Super change in the phone booth :-), the awesome Fleischer suit, Perry White and the Daily planet, Lois interviewing Superman, Clark taking Lois to meet Martha, Clark and Lois's wedding scene. Loved it all and found myself smiling a lot.

Major props for the Superman the Movie homages.
#1 RE: A Brief Reminiscence ... Recapvantheman77 2021-06-22 20:11
A live letter to the Superman mythos while telling new stories in the present day. While Lois may call for John Henry Irons, we also see John Diggle in the promo for the next episode.

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