All is Lost Recap

Just three episodes remain of Superman and Lois' second season! So far we've been totally shocked at all the twists and turns this show has been able to spring on us! Everyone thought the thing in the mines was Doomsday, we've seen the life and death of Bizarro Superman, and now, Clark's closest childhood friend knows his secret and the secrets about the Kent family! The one thing you can expect in this show is to be shocked and with Ally on the loose being even more powerful having siphoned up Bizarro-Tal-Rho, we are sure we are going to be shocked again! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Five Years Ago: We see when Lucy met Ally at a book signing. Lucy clearly was gaining something with her relationship with Ally. Jump ahead to today, the cult is breaking up because they haven't seen Ally in a month. Lucy tries to keep them together. Clark searches for Ally but can't find her. John and Natalie try to find out why his suit protects him from Ally. Clark sits with the boys and tells them about Lana. Sam, Lucy and Chrissy prep a plan to go get Lucy. Ally is seen on the other Earth announcing her plan to merge Earths.
  2. Natalie's Suit: John finds Natalie's suit and demands she destroy it. She refuses and forces him to do something about it. Sam, Lois and Chrissy head to the cult house and Sam handcuffs himself to Lucy. Clark and Jon share a moment and talk about life and Jordan goes to speak with Lana but she turns him down.
  3. Lucy and Ally: We see more of Ally and Lucy's relationship. It's been five years of being poisoned against her family. Clark goes to speak with Jordan. He is proud that Jordan is doing what's best for her and not telling her. Sarah goes to tell Kyle that Lana saw the video and recognized the bar. Lois, Sam and Lucy share a conversation about love. They unlock the cuffs but then Ally appears outside the cult house.
  4. Training Jordan: Clark and Jordan arrive in the snow to train Jordan how to fly. He jumps off a cliff lets go of his fears and actually flies! Clark cheers. Ally's new plan is to merge Earths. Lucy agrees with her. Ally needs Superman to get all his power, then she can do it. John can't destroy Natalie's suit, it's better than even his. John allows her to use it. Kyle goes to smooth things over with Lana. Lucy shows Ally that she has the device to call Superman.
  5. Lucy Calls Superman: Lucy calls in Superman and Ally attacks Sam. Lucy was under the impression she doesn't hurt people but Ally revealed her true colors. The Lane sisters scream for their father. Superman is trapped and is sucked dry of his power. His heart stops but John and Natalie arrive in their suits and are able to revive him. They jet off for the DOD to get care for the two men. 

In the final wrap up moments, we get another look at Ally and Lucy’s relationship. Lucy sits at her father’s bedside. She realizes that she was wrong this whole time and her family was right. Superman is unconscious, doctors are even able to draw his blood. The Cushings share a family meal. Lois and John return to the farm letting the boys know Superman is alive, but he might not ever be the same again. Ally dispatches Lana-Rho to kill Superman. Ally then begins to pull the Earths together. No new episode next week but the week after has a preview, check it out below:

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#1 RE: All is Lost Recapvantheman77 2022-06-08 14:17
Natalie suiting up and fighting alongside her father John saved this episode.

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