Anti-Hero Recap

Superman is being held by the United States government as a prisoner and potential traitor! That sentence is a crazy one to even read but that's where we left off with Superman and Lois last week! From the images for this episode we did see that Clark has a few scenes with Jonathan in his room but we aren't sure if that is our Clark, a flash back of if he gets out from under the government's hold. Also from last week, we've seen what the Bizarro world looks like and it isn't a very nice place! Superman isn't as revered in that world and Ally seems to have all the power! Will Lois and Clark be able to show what her real plans are before it's too late? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Prisoner Superman: Clark wakes up in his brother's cell. He tries to warn Anderson about Ally but Anderson is too smug to listen. General Lane and Lois start working on a plan to get Clark out of the DOD. Jordan and Jonathan are forced to work through their issues. Lana and Sarah pack Kyle's things. At school, Jordan comforts Sarah and Jonathan decides to stop taking the X-K but the police arrive to do a drug search.
  2. Lana and Lois: Lana arrives to ask about the article, Lois offers to help her but then she gets a call about Jonathan being caught with X-K. Anderson arrives and begins to torture Tal-Rho. He want's Superman's compliance. Jonathan is caught with 20 inhalers. Lois is furious and lays the hammer down on Jonathan. Jordan reveals that he knew and Jonathan says it was Jordan's intervention that caused him to stop. Anderson's method seem to work but Clark has given the coordinates to the Polar fortress, not where Bizarro is.
  3. Lois and Lana Part 2: Lois goes to Lana to talk with her about Jonathan. Jordan tries to figure out what Jonathan was doing with the X-K. He’s covering for his girlfriend. Tal-Rho uses the opportunity to threaten Clark by revealing his secrets. Anderson is furious that Superman lied. Turns out the fight was a deception and Tal-Rho and Superman escape. 
  4. Anderson Played: Anderson is ignoring his commanding officer and is going to take X-K to take on Superman and Tal-Rho. In Bizzaro world, we learn Clark and Tal were close but it was Tal's wife that tried to kill Bizzaro Clark that drove them apart. Sarah meets a friend to talk about her situation. Lois goes to speak with Jonathan about the X-K and listens more this time like Lana suggested. Anderson arrives all jacked up on X-K to bring in the whole lot of Kryptonians at the sand fortress.
  5. Anderson vs Superman and Tal-Rho: Anderson arrives with X-K and technology to take on the Kryptonians and he is pretty successful. Anderson then fires real Kryptonite bullets at Superman but Tal oddly saves him! Lara lets Bizarro out and he starts fighting Anderson. He is actually powered up by the Kryptonite. Superman takes Tal to the sun to see if he can be healed. Anderson finds a weapon against Bizarro and actually chokes him to death?

In the final wrap up moments Tal-Rho wakes in his cell. We find out that Anderson has gone rogue and didn't return. Bizarro was killed in the fortress! Tal seeks forgiveness from Kal. Clark finally returns home and Lois and Sam are there. Lana arrives at the Mayoral rally to challenge the current mayor. Sarah goes to her dad to talk. Clark arrives in Jonathan's room for another round of disappointed parent. Anderson shows up and he offers the pendant to Ally. Next week is a week off but here's a preview of the next episode in March:

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#1 RE: Anti-Hero Recapvantheman77 2022-03-09 11:57
Some of the writing choices are odd.

Superman should know by now that Mitch Anderson can't be reasoned with. Even if Anderson went to Ally, he still would've been Superman's enemy regardless.

Also third episode without John Henry Irons and Natalie.

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