Bizarros in a Bizarro World Recap

If it feels like it's been a while since we had a new episode of Superman and Lois, that's because it has been! Elizabeth Tulloch mentioned on social media that there were some covid-related shut downs in production which forced the show to halt. So while it has been 30 days and 30 nights with Clark gone in the Bizarro world, now us as audience members can feel the same pain that Lois and the boys are feeling because it's almost been 30 days! Yikes! One thing we do know is that this episode is going to have flashbacks to the alternate reality. It won't be until the next episode, in May, that we see more of what is going on at the Farm! Nevertheless, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Earth is a Cube: On the Bizarro Earth, everything is different. Superman made it to the other side but he is injured and with the sun being red here, he is becoming weak. Jon quickly finds him when he's at the fortress. Jon of Bizarro world can fly and seems to have many of Superman's powers. At the farm we learn that Bizarro Superman wasn't a great dad and had lost his way not being a hero. He tries to become a hero again but we know he fails on our Earth. Lois arrives and Jon reacts badly, he's banished her.
  2. Jon-El: On Bizarro Earth, Superman is obsessed with his fame. He values it more than being a hero. Jon-El has some heroism in himself and displays it by saving a falling man while his dad signed autographs. The Kents call in their press corridinator to give Jon-El his new look. Jon continues to be a hero without his father's help and this leads him to Ally. We cut back to the current time and find out Jon-El is working for Ally and Lois was there to stop him. We also learn she doesn't have the pendants yet.
  3. Bizzaro Lois: The familiar relationship we know of the Kent's is not what we see here. Lois is angry at her fame-obsessed husband. She takes Jordan with her and leaves Kal. Lois goes to the DOD where her dad is working on the Ally problem. Jon-El and Lana arrive and demand info on project 7734. Sam has betrayers in his ranks and they take them to the project. Lois, Jordan and Sam all hide out and we see the Kryptonite using Kal-El determined to be a hero one more time and save his son. This is what drove him to our Earth. 
  4. Lt. General Anderson: When Anderson arrives, his other self is there to greet him. He has powers in this bizarro world and when Jon-El burn's his other self, Anderson seeks out Bizarro Lois for answers. He discovers the truth about Superman and his family. He is horrified and realizes all the wrong he's done. Hiding out at the Kent farm, Anderson shows up to take Jon-El out and save our Superman. He is convinced Ally can't have the pendants. 
  5. Battle for the Pendants: Anderson confirms his suspicions about Superman. He does have the same family. The only reason he would keep things from him was to protect them. Anderson is horrified at what he did. With only one inhaler left, he is committed to defend Superman. The battle is very one sided. It’s Superman and Anderson vs. Tal-Rho, Super Lana, Jon-El and the two Ally’s. Superman and Anderson hold their own for a bit but they are too much and Ally gains the two pendants. 

In the final wrap up moments, we get a glimpse of what Kal and Tal's relationship is like. We fast forward to where Tal marries Lana. The brothers seem to remain the closest pair. Tal goes to check on Kal after he lost Lois and Jordan. He's been using Kryptonite drugs. Tal reveals he's siding with Ally. Tal's good nature toward his brother allows our Superman to escape and chase Jon-El back through the portal. Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Bizarros in a Bizarro World Recapvantheman77 2022-04-27 14:10
History is made in showing the live-action version of Bizarro World, cube and all.

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