Chad L. Coleman cast as Bruno Mannheim for Season 3

Next season looks to be expanding beyond Smallville's borders, with a name familiar to comic fans: Bruno Mannheim. Chad L. Coleman has joined the show's upcoming season to play the well-known villain that heads Intergang. Coleman is no stranger to the Arrowverse, having previously played Tobias Church in Arrow. In other roles, he's also starred in The Orville, The Walking Dead, and The Expanse. Looking towards the third season, Lois will be trying to hunt down the truth, according to the character description for Bruno Mannheim:

Bruno Mannheim is known to most of Metropolis as a local hero, a philanthropist who’s revived the struggling neighborhoods of the city. For years, Lois Lane has worked to prove that behind that facade is a career criminal and the head of the notorious organization Intergang. With some new leads, she might be closer than ever.

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#1 RE: Chad L. Coleman cast as Bruno Mannheim for Season 3vantheman77 2022-09-16 12:57
So if we go by the 2nd season finale and this synopsis, it looks like Lois Lane, John Henry Irons, and John Diggle will be investigating Bruno Mannheim for the 3rd season.

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