Collision Course Recap

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! Another week has gone by and still no news of a possible renewal or move to Max (Previously HBO Max). With the continued delay of not yet seeing Lex Luthor this late in the season, and with the knowledge that the season ends with a cliffhanger, we are thinking that season 4 was going to be set up to have Lex as the main villain! Our hopes still remain that we will get a season four in some regard but as another week passes, it is hard to see what The CW is doing aside from burning down all their previous scripted series. With that said, we move on to Collision Course, episode 10 of season 3! Here's what stood out to us.

  1. Lois Completes Chemotherapy: Lois gets to ring the bell of completing cancer treatment and there is no more chemo treatments ahead. Lois decides to go and interview Pia to see if she'll come clean to her. Lana prepares to meet the governor. Kyle is getting closer to finding out about Jordan. He brings it to Chrissy who tries to protect Jordan and the Kent family. Clark goes to spend some time with the boys, but they get an invite to a party. Mannheim prepares Mateo to visit his mom at the DOD.
  2. Wrestle Mania Cancelled: Clark goes to Metropolis to get Wrestle Mania tickets for him and the boys but they instead go to the party. Lois goes to interview Pia, Pia and Lois do resume a form of their friendship, but Lois does ask about getting the truth out of Pia. Pia agrees to tell Lois her story after promising to be fair. Chrissy goes to try and warn Lana that Kyle is on to Jordan but she dismisses her for the governor. The boys head to the party and Jordan sees Sarah talking to another guy. He's clearly jealous. Back at the DOD, Lois puts Pia in the corner on Lex Luthor. She doesn't deny framing Luthor but doesn't agree to it either.
  3. Jealous Jordan: Jordan can't deal with his feelings for Sarah and Sarah's done with feeling bad about it. The governor speaks highly of Lana but at Chrissy's expense. Cops arrive at the party to break it up and the kids scramble. Sarah manages to get away in her car but she sees a deer and loses control flipping her car. Jordan is there to save them.
  4. Sarah gets a DUI: The result of Sarah's car accident is that she gets a DUI on her record. The boy she is with describes the "blur" that saved them to Kyle. Jordan is worried that Junior saw him save Sarah and he calls out to his dad to talk. He is scared but Clark assures him he did the right thing, however, he smells the beer on Jordan's breath and gets Jordan and Jonathan grounded. The governor sees Sarah in the back of the cop car and changes her opinion of Lana. Lois uses Mateo to get Pia to speak with her again. Pia says she'll come clean if she talks to her son first.
  5. Unified Front: Sarah is grilled by her parents rightfully so, but now Lana starts to try and get Kyle off of Jordan's back. Mateo talks to Pia and he knows everything. He seems to inject her with the cure and gives her instructions. Clark goes to confront Jon about drinking but he didn't, he just had water. Clark is hurt his boys don't spend time with him. Back at the DOD, Pia is healed and takes Lois hostage to get out of the jail.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Pia attacks at the DOD. Kyle goes to the Kent farm to talk to Jon. He thinks Jon is the one with powers. A healthy Pia blasts the DOD, she seems much more powerful now. Hearing the DOD needed his help, Clark exposes himself with a promise to explain it all to Kyle tomorrow. Clark is too late to stop Pia and she returns to her family. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Collision Course Recapvantheman77 2023-05-30 18:29
After what John Henry Irons did last week, it was right that he's benched out for this one to get himself together.

Meanwhile Clark comes across well as a strict father and now the last person has finally found out the secret.

They're setting up for the showdown for next week.

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