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Well this is a bit frustrating, we still have no word on if Superman and Lois will get another season. If it moves to Max, we are totally fine with that, we just want more Superman and Lois. One indication might come from the season 3 episode 13 synopsis which is yet to come out. For example, when Stargirl ended, the last synopsis that came out included the "Series Finale" mark. Will we get that for Superman and Lois coming this Thursday? It's hard to imagine this show coming to an end when it ends with a cliffhanger of sorts and Lex Luthor is finally set free! So much potential! Any way, let's focus up on "Complications", here's what stood out to us:

  1. Sneak Attacks: Pia's powers have been amplified with the cure and she is using them to keep Superman from finding them. Lois and Clark prepare for Lois' procedure. The Mannheims prepare to leave the country and it looks like Pia might be sick. Kyle learns of Clark's secret and he is excited about it. Kyle doesn't like that Chrissy lied to him about keeping Clark's secret. The Langs, Irons and Kents meet for a final meal for Lois before surgery. Sarah goes to make things right with Jordan but he isn't budging, he can't seem to forgive Sarah.
  2. Double Mastectomy: Lois arrives at Hobbs Bay medical to prepare for her mastectomy. Her family is there to support her. Sarah cries in the kitchen noting that her life is ruined with the DUI and the loss of Jordan, she's messed up a lot. Natalie goes armored up to try and see Mateo. John Henry goes to stop her. Jordan has a panic attack when Lois begins her surgery, it turns out that it's actually his x-ray vision coming in. Jon is able to help Jordan calm down. As the Mannheims prepare to leave, Pia's powers go on the fritz and shut power down in the city.
  3. Power Outage: The power is going wild in the city. Pia's powers are out of control and Bruno's cure doesn't seem to have worked. Lois figures this out. Lana goes to Kyle and is scared about Sarah. She thinks she might be so depressed she might try and take her own life. The parents rush to action. Clark worries the power might go out but Lois says she's ready for the surgery right now. Pia's powers are too out of control, the cure revved her up too much and she killed someone by accident. She runs for Bruno and Mateo to hide.
  4. The DOD: Clark leaves to go help the DOD now that Lois is in surgery. Mateo finds the cube Natalie left for Mateo and the two get a moment to speak. Before they can talk, Bruno and his thugs run into the room. Kyle and Lana take Sarah to the diner to talk about how she is feeling and her sadness. The Irons family arrive and offer to help Pia. Pia is going to bring the city down if she isn't stopped but Superman finally gets a reading on where she is.
  5. Pia and Superman: Superman offers to help Pia but she says no one can help her anymore. With Pia going haywire, Lois' surgery is taking a risk. Superman continues to try and help Pia. Superman makes his way to her and finally they work together to stop her pain. Superman flies her high into the sky after Pia whispers something to Superman. Her powers give out and she dies. Superman brings her body to Bruno and Mateo. Superman reveals that she whispered, "She'll love Bruno and Mateo forever and always".

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Natalie comforts Mateo. Clark and the boys wait for Lois. Sarah applies for a job at the diner. The DOD celebrates the win. Lois makes it out of surgery. Clark tells Lois that he was there for Pia when she finally let go. Kyle goes to apologize to Chrissy about his reaction to learning who Superman is. Bruno offers to take all charges as long as Mateo is looked after. John Henry gives his word that Mateo will be cared for. Clark is amazed by Lois after he saw what Pia was fighting. Down in Mannheim's sewer Bizarro wakes up and looks to be changing! Check out a preview for the next all new episode in two weeks below:

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#1 RE: Complications Recapvantheman77 2023-06-08 15:08
The end of the Bruno Mannheim arc. They finally showed Lois’ treatment.

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