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Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! Tonight we continue our advertisement free coverage of The CW's hit new show with an episode that upon it's original order, would have been the season's finale. That said, the extra two episode order did come pretty early into the production schedule so tonight may not have that season finale vibe since the writers were given time to enlongate the season to fit the full 15 episode order. Within the fandom, everyone seems to be elated that last week, Superman was able to fight off the Zod influence and never went evil. It is being hailed as a master stroke in the canvas this loveletter of a show has become to The Man of Steel. With Superman's half brother captured, it seems only Zeta-Rho's conciousness and Leslie Larr pose a further threat! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Tal-Rho Captured: Superman goes to visit his half brother. He wants information on what was done with the Eradicator and where Leslie Larr is. Once Rho turns him down, Superman says he'll find her himself and he'll never see Rho again! Smallville prepares to tell everyone what all happened. The kids will be informed in a school assembly, The Gazette is looking for a statement from The DOD and Superman and John Henry Irons continue to search for Leslie. They get a hit when she closes in on The DOD headquarters and the pair jet off to capture her.
  2. Leslie Larr: Leslie's attack on The DOD seems like a ploy as Superman is easily able to capture her before she can hit the DOD. Steel arrives to blast her with his red solar beam and the pair capture her and take her to The DOD. Sam Lane notes that building the 7734 weapons were a mistake and he's going to drop the large supply he has to the bottom of the ocean. The Cushing family struggles with being tied to Edge and the Kent boys both skip school with girls they are interested in. Now that Leslie is captured, Superman goes to ask Edge one last time, where is the Eradicator? Tal tries to tempt Superman into letting go of control just once. Even walking among humans requires massive restraint not to kill them, that's how powerful they all are!
  3. No Comment: Lois and Chrissy discuss how best to proceed. Chrissy catches on that Lois is lying! Chrissy asks Lois to leave. Jon's school skipping date takes a bad turn when he figures out that the girl is just pushing him for information about what happened in Smallville. Kyle isn't handling the town's rejection of his family very well and is considering moving out of Smallville. Superman and General Lane talk about the Kryptonite. Superman is worried that he might become the enemy in the future. For that reason, he asks General Lane to keep 7734 active as a fail safe.
  4. Steel: John Henry Irons finalizes his Steel suit with a homage to his daughter. Jon and John speak for a moment before Clark walks in to see Jon not in school. At the Cushing house, Lana discovers that Jordan and Sarah have been arrested. Lois rushes home to confront Clark about his decision for project 7734. Lois is furious and Clark is scared what he could do. Lois gets the call about Jordan and drives off to bail Jordan out of jail.
  5. Cushing Family Under the Bus: The mayor is throwing the Cushing family under the bus. Lana hears it when she was at the jail to pick up Sarah. The kids get off with a warning. After Lana tells Lois about all the feelings she is going through, Lois heads back to talk with Clark about 7734. Clark tells Lois what it feels like to finally let go, for almost 40 years Clark is in CONSTANT control of his powers. He is scared that if he let's go of control for one moment, he could crack the planet in half. Lois accepts a fail safe but she wants to have control over who owns the fail safe. Clark asks John Henry Irons to be that gatekeeper and in control of the only weapons that can take Superman out. Lois goes to Chrissy and hopes to earn back her trust. She is too close to write a story objectively but gives Chrissy the statements she needs from General Lane to tell what happened in Smallville. In a flashback, we see that Edge learns of Superman and wants to follow his example. We jump to him in the prison where he finally agrees with his father Zeta-Rho and his eyes glow blue.

In the final moments of the episode, Lois and Clark give Jordan and Jon the punishment they deserve and send them off to bed. Back in The DOD, Edge is powering up. He emits a burst of blue energy which sets him free from his prison. General Lane calls in Superman who immediately goes listening for Edge but he's off world soaking up direct sun energy.

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#2 RE: Fail Safe RecapCatPat 2021-07-21 19:03
This felt like the penultimate episode. It would have been awesome if CW gave us a 2 hour back-to-back finale next week.
#1 RE: Fail Safe Recapvantheman77 2021-07-21 02:16
This episode is the calm before the storm.

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