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We think by now we just need to expect mind bending, jaw dropping, unforeseeable twists from this show. We always go in thinking that this show is great and that we are going to have a good time watching, then we end up on the other side with awe and amazement! There really is something special about this show! Fail Safe is our next all new episode and would have been the first season's season finale if The CW didn't order two more episodes in their option for season one (which they did and we are grateful for). As mentioned before, the next all new episode after this one will be on August 10th, but we'll be here to help you get through! Check out the trailer for Fail Safe below:

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#2 RE: Fail Safe TrailerCatPat 2021-07-14 17:21
We just came off of a break... they shouldn't be dragging out the last episodes of the season, it really ruins the momentum. Surely, they caught up from the Covid shutdown.
#1 RE: Fail Safe Trailervantheman77 2021-07-13 20:05
Fail Safe, the original season finale if CW didn't expand.

This should be the beginning of Act 3 after the second and lowest turning point for Superman & Lois.

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