Forever and Always Recap

So many interesting threads going on this season. We have the will they or won't they romance between Lana and John Henry, the new romance with Kyle and Chrissy, and Natalie has her new boyfriend from Metropolis, and there's always the Jordan and Sarah possibility. That's just covering the romance side of things. Lois has her cancer treatments, we now know who Onomatopoeia is and Mannheim has Bizarro and mentioned Lex Luthor! Things have to be building to something crazy and it's hard to believe they can top last season but it certainly feels like that's where we are headed! Here's what stood out to us in "Forever and Always":

  1. Lois is Getting Sicker: Clark stays with Lois in the bathroom while she vomits. She's going in to have her fourth treatment. The boys can tell something is off. John Henry prepares for a meet and greet lunch with Natalie's new boyfriend. Chrissy confronts Lana at the Diner. Lana is cordial but Sarah strikes a blow. We get a flashback to Mannheim and his wife dining out.The boys go to the fortress to see if Clark took Lois to see Lara. Kryptonian medical tech could help Lois but could kill her. Clark arrives to see the boys at the Fortress.
  2. Kryptonian Science: Jon implies that Clark doesn't care as much about Lois as he does and Clark sends the boys home. In another flashback, we see Mannheim wants to make a deal with Lex to leave Hobbs Bay alone. Lois tries to get more info from Pia but pisses her off instead. Lana and John talk about Natalie's new boyfriend. Clark goes to interview Mannheim on Lois' behalf.
  3. Mannheim's Opportunity: Bruno takes Pia to his new building. He wants to claim the suicide slums. Clark noticed that the only investiment that Mannheim has made that doesn't earn a profit is his cancer research division. Jon and Jordan find Lana's will. Sarah and Chrissy go to a movie in an effort to reform their relationship. John Henry has lunch with Natalie and Mateo, he goes a little overboard with his parenting.
  4. Lois asks for Forgiveness: Lois knows she overstepped with Pia and goes to apologize. Lois asks to be Pia's friend even though they come from such different worlds. John Henry goes to talk to Lana about lunch. Mateo and Natalie share a kiss as Mateo charms his way to her heart. Chrissy forgot she has weed gummies and Sarah finds them, she asks that Sarah never tell Kyle. Through his interview, Clark is able to decipher that Mannheim is doing all this because someone he cares about has cancer. Lois learns that Pia is married to Mannheim.
  5. Pia's Final Treatment: Mannheim is thanked by Pia. Lois and Clark can't blame Bruno for all that he is doing to save his wife as he would do the same. John Henry and Lana run into Natalie and Mateo. They are kissing after the movie. Lana catches Sarah and Chrissy leaving the movie as well. John Henry has a talk with Mateo but does much better this time than he did at lunch. Jon and Jordan confront Clark and Lois about the end of life documents. They are scared.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Clark and Lois talk about how serious the cancer diagnosis is. They decided that to use Kryptonian tech wouldn't be fair to the people of Earth. If they did it for Lois, they would feel obligated to give it to Earth but who knows what they would do with it in other ways. Lana feels everyone else has moved on after the divorce. Jon goes to speak with Clark. He apologizes. We learn that Clark drinks wine because Lois likes it, it does nothing to him. Jon and Clark watch the fireworks Lana shot off. In a final flashback, we see how Pia took out the other gang members and thus put Bruno on top. In a final reveal, we learn Mateo is Mannheim's son. Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Forever and Always Recapvantheman77 2023-05-03 14:41
No Superman action and that reveal was something many saw coming a mile away.

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