Thursday, 23 June 2022
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And we get an idea as to who will direct the season 3 premiere. Quick as a "Flash", it's none other than...TOM KAVANAUGH!

TV Insider did an interview with the Reverse Flash/multi-Wells star. Thing's the last question.

And I just learned that you’re also going to be directing the season premiere of Superman & Lois.

Yeah. I was doing the finale of The Flash and it was like, “All right, well what else is available?” And they were asking about the premiere and I mean, that show has the advantage of the anamorphic lenses and that visual richness. So for a director, it’s just such a joy to go there and have those tools at your disposal. And that’s just the technical side, not even mentioning the tremendous cast and crew, and joy with which they kind of tackle their stories. So, yeah I’m really looking forward to jumping back in the seat to do their premiere.
1 month ago
Good for Tom. He directed S & L's Season 1 Finale so nice to see him getting the Prime Directing Spots (Finale and Premiere).

Wonder if the writers of the Season 3 premiere would consider writing Tom a little cameo appearance (not necessarily as his Flash character, anyone would be fine).
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