Girl ... You'll Be A Woman, Soon Recap

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! The Superbowl is over and the hiatus is done! We are back to a regular schedule for the show and we couldn't be more excited. Some of you super sluthes may have seen some behind the scenes shots of a certain brother coming up in future episodes, but we don't want to spoil anything but the direction this season is going looks wild! Speaking of wild, Sarah's quinceañera is coming up tonight and we know there is going to be some big fall out between Sarah and her mother Lana. What could break the pair apart? Does Kyle's secret come out? What's Lois' next move for her sister and will Jordan and Clark be able to stop Bizarro? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Pendant time: We're kicking off seeing more about the Pendant and Ally, where the pendant is part of a condition in the will. She chooses it, despite what it might have done to her family in the past. And we know it's a very powerful item. Meanwhile, the Kents are trying to keep everything afloat despite everything that went wrong last episode. Lois and Clark are both feeling guilty of their actions and we also check in with Lana, Kyle and Sarah as the latter two practice their dance. Superman visits Tag and finds out that he gave Anderson the pendant, and Lois finds that Dr. Faulkner might be more involved.
  2. The truth or else: Superman has a talk with Anderson, but Anderson is not at all interested in Superman's excuses. He wants to know why the enemy looks like Superman, and it's becoming harder for him to trust the superhero. Chrissy is still angry with Lois, and calls her out for keeping things from her, important things, and how it makes her feel like she's working for Lois. We get more glimpses of Lana and Sarah getting ready, this time trying out the dress and the shoes. Chrissy meets Ally, and goes out like a light from the spiked tea. Lois goes in search of Dr. Faulkner but finds Bizarro there, and Dr. Faulkner is dead.
  3. Putting the pieces together: Superman comes to see Lois when she calls him. Meanwhile Chrissy experiences the power of the pendant and goes into the bizarro world where she sees herself and finds everything just a little bit off-center. Jon makes a decision to take a puff from his special inhaler and decks Jordan, trying to prove a point. We get a cute family moment with the Cushings-Lang and a picture of the happy family. Back with Chrissy and Ally, Lois and Clark show up just in time to stop Bizarro from taking Ally.
  4. Rematch time: Superman and Bizarro have a rematch, not as explosive as their last fight, but still intense. Where Clark has freeze breath, Bizarro has heat breath, and rather than Clark's heat vision, Bizarro hits him with freeze beams. But Clark manages to get the upper hand, and arrive back at the house to change in time for Sarah's quinceañera! But it's not all that fantastic. Jordan and Jon have a bit of a standoff from their earlier training, leaving Jordan bummed by the way his brother is acting. Sarah, who is overwhelmed about everything going on. They go outside to relax. Just then, Kyle goes out to meet Tonya, and they have a bit of a scene. Much to his luck, Sarah overhears it.
  5. Secrets: Kyle begins to feel his world coming down. While he goes with Lana to find Sarah, Chrissy and Lois talk about what Chrissy experienced in the bizarro world, and about Ally's very powerful position. The father-daughter dance starts off well, but quickly ends badly when Sarah admits she heard Kyle. They head out and Lana follows, finding out the truth too. The quinceañera is not going well.

In the final wrap up moments, we get Lana's speech at the quinceañera, and it's emotional to say the least after all the drama, and the crumbling family stability. Clark goes to talk to Bizarro at the Fortress when he wakes up. Bizarro says that he's there to save his world, and this one, from Ally and her plans. Jordan confronts Jon, and things come to a head when Jon reveals his 'powers'. Another wild episode of Superman and Lois under our belts and more to come next week! Check out next week's all new trailer below:

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#1 RE: Girl ... You'll Be A Woman, Soon Recapvantheman77 2022-02-22 18:41
Secrets are coming out in this episode.

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