Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Recap

After last week's episode, are we the only ones that are kind of feeling for the Mannheims? As a husband, Mannheim is doing all that he can to save his wife from cancer. It makes sense to us, but then there's the whole stealing Superman's blood and Bizarro. His methods could lead to creating something far worse than just powered supervillains. Tonight, we are heading to a big collision with a shared dinner with the Kents, Mannheims, and Irons. Bruno knows who John Henry is, he could infer who Clark might be and with the kids dating, this could lead to a whole new mess of hurt feelings and villainous intentions! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Cancer Treatment: Lois is in the grips of the hardest part of her cancer treatment. Clark sets up a bedroom for Lois on the first floor. Jonathan goes to his shift at the fire station. He has his name on his shirt and has a coat. Lana had a concert to go to but no one to go with her. Mateo preps to have dinner with his girlfriend's family, aka Natalie and John Henry. Clark, Chrissy and Lois meet to discuss outing Mannheim's wife. Lois doesn't want the story to be run.
  2. Clark and Lois Talk Pia: Clark wants Lois to reconsider running the article. He convinces her to let Clark and Chrissy investigate further. John actually drops Natalie off at the Ace's club to meet Mateo's parents, he doesn't attend the dinner. Clark and Chrissy team up to investigate Pia. Chrissy gets to fly with Superman for the first time. Lois gets DOD information from Sam on Mannheim. A fire breaks out in Smallville and Jon's team goes to fight it. Jordan blasts in and save a man stuck in the house.
  3. Jon the Liability: Because Jordan saved the man, it looked like Jon did it. This got Kyle very mad and rocked Jon's possible firefighter future. Lois and Sam investigate but Sam has a date. Clark and Chrissy go to interview another person who knows Pia. They ask some bad questions and are shamed. Sam missed his date being late. Jon and Jordan get into a huge fight as Jordan dimishes' Jon's attempts at becoming a hero firefighter.
  4. Mannheim Investigation: Lois has moved to the Gazette to widen her investigation. She is now in favor of running the article on Pia. Sarah gives Jordan advice and he goes to speak with Jon. He tries to get Sarah to go to the concert with Lana. Clark, Lois and Chrissy might have a lead on Pia. John Henry meets with his Earth's sister. They put together that Little Aces is where Bruno is and John Henry rushes to discover who Mateo's parents are.
  5. Little Aces: John Henry arrives at Little Aces and Bruno forces the kids to leave as he beats John Henry mercilessly. Clark, Lois and Chrissy discover that Luthor's confession was actually Pia. John Henry calls for his suit and faces off against Pia. Suuperman arrives to help and Pia unleashes everything she has to the point of passing out. Pia is about to die but Superman takes her to the hospital ASAP. Mateo sees his father for the gangster that he is. John Henry takes Natalie to safety.

In the final wrap up moments, Pia is taken to the DOD to be treated and monitored. Superman can see that Pia's cancer has spread and she doesn't have much time left. John Henry is pissed and gets Sam together to form a plan forward. Jon finds out he doesn't know if he still has his firefighter job. The firefighters found ice in the fire building and they are on to Jordan. John Henry bans Natalie from seeing Mateo ever again. Lois realizes that they put Lex Luthor away for a crime he didn't commit. In the end, we see Bizarro Superman's eyes open. Check out a preview of the next all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Recapvantheman77 2023-05-09 18:07
We now know why Lex Luthor is going after Superman and Lois later in the season.

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