Holding the Wrench Recap

There is always a lot to say when it comes to Superman and Lois! This show is consistently delivering quality episodes that leave the audience on their toes. Nearly 80% of you are rating the quality of each episode around a 6 star rating, the highest we provide! That certainly says a lot about the show and as of tonight, we are officially over the halfway point of the season when the episode ends! Man of Steel was such a sleeping giant last week. We all thought it referred to Clark but now, knowing that Alex Luthor isn't even a Luthor, but John Henry Irons who stole from Lex to build his suit, we can't say enough. The game has changed! With Morgan Edge's X-Kryptonite, the season is starting to merge their plots! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Fixing the Truck: Lois heads to see a psychiatrist to recap all that's happened with their life changes. We join up with the Kent family fixing the truck. Clark is using his powers to pull the metal back into place. Lois goes to investigate the RV that John Henry used while Clark goes to the DOD. Jordan asks to help his mom because he thinks he could be more useful than he was fixing the car. At the Cushing home, Sarah and Kyle practice and prepare a song so Sarah can audition for the play. At the DOD, Clark interrogates John. Clark and Lois learn that John and Lois were together on his Earth. Additionally, other Kryptonians seemed to be on his Earth and Kal-El decided to join them and turned on Humanity.
  2. Lois Continues Her Story: Lois is continuing her therapy session hinting at some scorched Earth speech she is going to give. We rejoin with Clark back at the DOD where he and Lois talk over the phone about what to do with John. General Lane decides to go in and talk to John but the military has a torture agent on the ready. Superman tells them not to use him but he doesn't have the authority to stop them. Jonathan heads to the RV and sees the footage of Dark Superman killing Lois. He finds John's stash of guns and the RV goes into lock down. In 20 minutes he'll be killed.
  3. Superman to the RV: Clark has to abandon the DOD investigation to save Jonathan. Jonathan is looking for a way to contribute. Jordan and Clark are essentially weapons and he can't. Lois loses it on Jonathan. Her fear in involving him in their world has pushed her to the edge and she might have gone a bit too far on Jonathan. Clark suggests Lois go see the counselor after her blow up. Leslie Larr plants a lie in Kyle's head that he could have had a position in his company. Lana and Kyle's relationship is strained. During Lois' therapy session we learn she had a miscarriage. They were going to have a daughter. At the DOD we learn that there is a X-Kryptonian in General Lane's org and he is taking John Irons to interrogation.
  4. Therapy Continued: Lois blames herself for the miscarriage. She hasn't forgiven herself which was a contributing factor in her yelling at Jonathan. Jordan is at the auditions to cheer on Sarah and Jonathan arrives to tell what all happened with their mom. With Kyle missing the audition, Jordan steps up to play the piano for Sarah. Rossetti takes John to section 5 where project 7734 is. There are weapons being designed there to kill Superman. General Lane warns Superman about the lab but Superman goes anyway. He'll have to fight Rossetti with the same powers he has but not the weakness Clark has.
  5. 7734: Superman enters project 7734. There Rossetti gases him with a Kryptonite gas. Superman is able to get John Henry Irons out but he is at a big disadvantage vs Rossetti. Rossetti gets killed by John Henry Irons. John has a spear with a Kryptonite Blade aimed at Superman's heart. Lois arrives in time to talk John down.

In the final wrap up moments, General Lane and Superman discuss Project 7734. Clark has lost some trust with General Lane and Lane is going to have to go some lengths to get his trust back. Superman and Lois' newest therory is that they can add Kryptonian conciousness into X-Kryptonite bodies. The spirits might replace the humans'. Lois allows John Henry Irons to stay on the farm with them. Lois goes to explain how she lost her baby and she wrongly took it out on Jonathan. Lois and Jonathan are the two ordinary people in a family of supers and Lois will teach Jonathan how to cope with that. Superman visits John to lend a friendly face and start a trust dialogue. John is free to leave.

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#3 RE: Holding the Wrench RecapCatPat 2021-06-02 17:52
I was puzzled early in the episode why Lois felt they needed to get through to Irons so he can help save their Earth. Two Earths, two different trajectories. Not sure why she went there. Later, Lois said as much saying this Superman would never betray the people of this Earth.

How long until Natalie finds a way to get to Earth Prime?

Will Clark ever take Jonathan to the Fortress? He has a right to know about his heritage, even if he hasn't manifested any powers.

I also wonder if Kyle will be given the X-Krytonite and face off with Superman before the end of the season.

A great showcase for Lois.

I am still curious if the timeline for S&L is present day with the other Arrowverse shows or set 14 years ahead. I think they could still do crossovers... just in Superman's case they would have already happened in his past. I do doubt they would want to complicate things, but it would explain a lot.
#2 RE: Holding the Wrench Recapmuckle9999 2021-06-02 09:12
I thought Lois had the standout performance with 2 thumbs up. To bad profanity isn't allowed or Lois would have rattled off 5 to 10 choice words like a M16 on auto. It's looks like Jonathan is becoming a big pain in the arse while Jordan has mellowed somewhat. Need more action and less speeches.
#1 RE: Holding the Wrench Recapvantheman77 2021-06-01 19:20
Much better episode than last week. Glad things are resolved as it takes Lois to put it through John Henry Irons. Lois is the anchor of the Super Family.

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