In Cold Blood Recap

Time for another Superman and Lois and we are so excited/worried. After last week's major reveal that Lois is sick and could be dying, the Kent farm is rocked. We will surely see the ramifications of Lois' illness as well as what this means for the family, but what stood out to us from the last episode, how powerless Superman looked when he heard the news. So shocking! What's in store for the Kent family and intergang? Let's find out, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Nightmare Scenario: Clark has a nightmare that he couldn't save Lois in an earthquake and this mirrors exactly how he feels in real life, with all his power he can't save his wife. Lois begins on telling her friends and family about the diagnosis. The boys make Lois all her favorite foods for breakfast knowing that she won't have much of an appetite after treatment. John Henry gets all the Langs set up on their new security system. Lois and Crissy track down a lead on Mannheim but Lois misses her appointment.
  2. Doctor's Office: Lois and Crissy arrive at a doctor's office that has been cleared out by all the staff. There is even fresh blood there. That said, her family and friends try to refocus Lois on her treatment. Jon, Nat, Jordan and Sarah develop a plan to get a gift for Lois that she'll love and not return. Clark says he is going to take Lois to her treatment tomorrow. Sarah gets dinner with Kyle. Nat wants to give Lois her mother's watch but John Henry isn't very pleased.
  3. Nightmare on Repeat: Clark has the same nightmare about Lois. The pair arrive at the treatment center but Clark is pulled away with a flood. The watch is powered with the same tech within the Irons' suit. John Henry is still not pleased. With Clark pulled away, Lois uses the opportunity to join Crissy on the investigation and again misses her appointment. Kyle goes to check up on Lana and investigates her relationship with John Henry. Lois and Crissy run from the guys with guns and find a blood center!
  4. Blood Center: Lois and Crissy call for Superman's help but the signal isn't getting through. Clark listens from space to try and find Lois. Superman arrives at the D.O.D. to get help from Sam and John Henry. Jon asks his girlfriend, Candace, about his truck, its gone missing and he thinks her dad took it. Lana and Sarah have a fight over Kyle and Lana actually hits Sarah when she claims that's why Kyle cheated on her.
  5. Operation Watch Truck: Natalie, Jon and Jordan find the truck and the watch and devise a plan to get it back. Lois hands herself over to the guards and Clark immediately arrives to help. Superman takes out the guys with guns but one of them has some kind of future or kryptonite gun that hits Superman. Natalie gases the chop shop and while Jordan and Natalie take out the bad guys, Jon gets his truck back. Superman is held at bay with the weapon but John Henry arrives and saves him. The building is destroyed to hide any evidence.

In the final wrap up moments, Clark gives Lois a piece of his mind. Lois explains why she is feeling the way she is feeling. The D.O.D. finds out that the blood they were experimenting with is Superman's blood. Candice arrives at the farm to speak with Jon. She found the watch and proves that her dad is a thief. Jon tells Candice about the party. Lana begs for forgiveness from Sarah through her locked door. Crissy meets up with Kyle at the diner. She invites Kyle back to her place but Sarah arrives looking for her dad. Everyone shows up to give Lois the watch and Clark takes her to her appointment. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: In Cold Blood Recapvantheman77 2023-03-28 21:02
Last week was Lois having cancer. This week is how she's dealing with it and avoiding appointment as she needs to see that Clark, Jonathan, Jordan, and the rest of the family and friends all care about it.

The only action last week involved John Henry, Lana, and Onomatopoeia and we have Superman action again. I'm glad we have Bruno Mannheim and Intergang with Lex Luthor later appearing.

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