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Before we recap "Injustice" let's talk about the injustice we narrowly missed, and that of course is that Superman and Lois will return for a fourth season at The CW. That return is somewhat diminished though. Only ten episodes were ordered and half the cast has lost their full-time status. That includes The Langs and the Irons families and Chrissy along with Kyle. The opportunity for these characters to return as guest stars certainly remains and we believe most will do so at least to wrap up storylines for their characters. With Lex Luthor set to appear tonight and a series regular for season 4, it kind of feels like we are starting a new season tonight! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Healing Lois: It takes time for Lois to heal from her operation. Lois heeds Pia's message about Lex Luthor who is now being set free. We catch up with Lex at the prison who is notified he is being set free. More teens at the high school are thinking there might be a powered teen. Turns out Lois' old partner has the story and is investigating. We get a flashback of when Luthor was taken to jail, Lois was there waiting and watching. In current day, we see a now bald Lex drop a wedding ring and take a picture of a young girl with him. He mentions Otis being at the drop off point at the right time as he walks free.
  2. Fire House Changes: Kyle is treating Jon differently and nicer now that he knows who Jon's father really is. Kyle dismisses the firefighter that wanted him to go get the mistaken sandwich. Sam, Lois and Clark meet to discuss Jordan. They agree Jordan needs to stop saving people immediately. Lana arrives to tell them that Jordan is bragging about the hero. In a flashback we see Lex in prison and how he ran things. At first he got his butt beat but it seems that Luthor has something up his sleeve. Lois and Clark call out Jordan for bragging about being a hero. They take his suit away.
  3. Smallville Samaritan: The Daily Planet publishes the story on Jordan. There could be a new hero in Smallville. Clark goes to ask Kyle to treat Jon like he did before Kyle knew who Clark was. Sarah leaves to start her shift at the diner. In another flashback, we see Luthor meet with the warden. Lex has a team at the warden's house and his threat is taken very seriously. Lex is going to run the prison and not through bribes but force.
  4. Luthor Released: Lex is returning to Luthor Corp and the press gather to cover his return. In another flashback, we see how Lex used the guards to beat his enemies from the first encounter. Jon speaks to Kyle. Kyle asks that Jon come to him rather than go through his dad. Jordan goes to talk to Sarah and she is right to call him out on his garbage attitude. Just then a tornado appears and Superman and Jordan seem to rush to the situation. Sam gets caught up in the tornado too and hides under an overpass. Superman starts to work the situation. Jordan also arrives and sees his suit in Sam's car. Jordan and Clark are able to freeze the tornado to stop it but Jordan reveals himself and takes photos with bystanders.
  5. Jordan Exposed: Jordan is exposed to the world. Everyone knows there is a new hero now. Jordan wanted to be exposed and was tired of hiding it. He says "whatever" to Clark and gets physical. Clark immediately shuts him down and sends him to his room. Jon and Jordan connect in their room. Turns out Lex was never heading to Luthor Corp, he walked straight to the Kent farm to face Lois for her article that put him away.

In the final wrap up moments, Lex joins Lois and Clark on the porch. Lex wants an apology from Lois. Lex had a daughter. She was 14 when he went away and now she won't talk to him. Lex demands that Lois stop writing all together as an apology to him. Otis then arrives to pick up Lex from the farm. Lex leaves noting that Superman will be his next target. In a flashback we see how Lex manipulated the entire prison to his will. Lex is told that Bizarro is alive in the basement and he wants to see him for himself. Down in the basement at Bruno's we see a Bizarro Superman feeding on rats to survive. He attacks Otis and we are left with just a flashlight. Check out the preview for the season three finale below:

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#1 RE: Injustice Recapvantheman77 2023-06-20 18:39
A great way to introduce and integrate Lex Luthor in this universe. I wonder if his daughter’s name is Lena.

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