Into Oblivion Recap

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! We had one week off last week but the show is back and ready for more action! While it's been one week off for us, it's been a few for John Henry and Natalie, but from the image gallery and synopsis for tonight's episode we are excited to welcome them back into the fold! How will the Irons family react to the Kent family when they return? Is there bitterness for John's injuries or is there relief? Of course, that's not all, there might be a plan in the works to get into the other world, the Bizarro world, and we can't forget about Kyle and Lana, what might their future hold? There's a lot to unpack from this episode, here's what stood out to us:

  1. 1 Year Ago: We see Natalie and what happened on her Earth after John left. As Crisis was happening, a worm hole opened and Natalie's escape pod barely made it through. Back in our world John is waking up and is ready to be discharged but it looks like he's forgotten some of the events like Lois isn't his wife. Because of Jon’s actions, the entire football season was cancelled. Jon still refuses to give up his source. We then learn that Ally is working with Anderson to begin the merge! 
  2. An Exclusive Interview: Ally reaches out to Chrissy to give her an exclusive interview. She has to get into a dark van with hazmat suits. Sarah asks Jordan to hang out with her friend from summer camp. He agrees but also hears a clue to Jon’s secret. General Lane is back in charge of the DOD temporarily and Superman is cleared of all charges. Ally and Anderson move to the caves to begin the merging. A portal opens and members start to go through but it doesn’t look like they are merging. Then Anderson takes an XK hit and steals the joined medallion from Ally and goes through. Ally, Chrissy and one other are saved by Superman.
  3. Natalie is Angry: Natalie is pissed at Clark for obvious reasons and is no longer playing nice. She storms off. Jordan approaches Jon now knowing his secret about helping his girlfriend. Lana invites Kyle over to help her prepare for the mayoral debate. General Lane interrogates Ally about Lucy. 
  4. Is Lucy Gone?: General Lane believes he's lost his daughter. Lois advises caution. Lana and Kyle continue to prep for the debate. John goes to visit Clark in the barn. He suggests that he spend some more time with Natalie to show her he is a good guy. Superman hears Lois in Lucy's apartment and he goes to give her comfort. Jon is visited by his girlfriend at the store and he offers to walk her home to keep her safe from the money collector. He arrives after hearing Candice profess her love for Jon. The bumpkin uses XK to level up to fight Jon. 
  5. Jordan vs XK: Jordan bails on his hang out with Sarah and her friend to aid Jon. Jordan uses more of his power and easily defeats the XK powered foe. The beating he hands out gets Candice free from collection. Clark goes to see Natalie and offers her a place for her and John to live. In time she will decide if she wants to get to know Clark. The damage Jordan took during the fight can't be explained away and he bails on Sarah. At the Kent farm, Lucy arrives!

In the final wrap up moments, it turns out Lucy bailed on Ally and walked to the Kent Farm. Kyle and Lana continue and he asks if she can forgive him. They are interrupted with kid duties and never answer. John and Natalie go to check out their new place. Jon and Jordan reconnect after missing his date with Sarah. Lucy turns out has betrayed her father and everyone and is working to get Ally out. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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I’d say that is the Lucy from the Inverse world.
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