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For the ninth episode, we have a smaller gallery for you, but it's telling quite a story. We will have yet another face-off between Lois and Edge as the former, along with Chrissy and Clark, try to finally get the answers as to what's so important about Smallville, and why Edge is so invested in it. We also will have more scenes between Jonathan and Lois, which have really resonated in the past few episodes, so check out the gallery below:

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#1 RE: Loyal Subjekts GalleryCatPat 2021-06-06 13:58
Well, Jon boy is waiting for Ma and Pa in the kitchen...

Seriously, I do wonder if Jonathan could be accidentally exposed to X-kryptonite... and being half-kryptonian could lead to unexpected results.

The one thing that I want most from the X-kryptonite story is for Krypto to be introduced... much like in the comics where X-kryptonite introduced Streaky for Supergirl.

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