Loyal Subjekts Recap

Happy Tuesday Superman and Lois fans! Tonight we begin the last half of the premiere season and if you're like us, every episode has felt purposeful, moved us along at an even pace, and left us feeling shocked at how everything is starting to be connected. With Stargirl setting the pace, we are really starting to be fans of these shorter more purpose-driven seasons. Superman and Lois is a very cinematic show to make so keeping the quality there at a lower episode order makes a lot of sense to us. Speaking of those cinematic episodes, here's what stood out to us tonight:

  1. Sticking to Smallville: Lois wonders why Morgan Edge is sticking in Smallville. He's moved on in every other business endeavor. As Lois enlists Clark's help in the investigation, Morgan starts getting his new recruits to volunteer for a "new life". It appears that The Kryptonian soul in the X-Kryptonite merges with the host body. It takes a while to take total control but these new recruits seem to be taking to the procedure a lot easier. After Clark speaks with some of the new recruits in Edge's special program, he heads to Mexico to stop a robbery. Something catches his breath and the final robber is able to stop Superman with just a shotgun.
  2. Regaining His Strength: The Robber continues to unload rounds on Superman but somehow he wakes up and is able to stop the robbery. We aren't sure what is wrong with Superman. Lois sees that Edge's recruitment program is growing and she goes to confront Edge and try to stop Edge from recruiting. Edge seems to confirm what we've heard Lois say, Kryptonian consciousnesses are taking over the host bodies. Edge even goes as far to say that Superman might even side with him because of the Kryptonians. Superman is bruised back at the farm. Meanwhile Jordan starts sneezing freeze breath and has to run out on Sarah to get his dad's help.
  3. A Supercold: Clark's carrying a super ... cold. The gas that was used on him last episode has given Clark a common cold and less of his powers. This cold was contagious and has spread to Jordan who is now sneezing ice. Leslie catches Lana asking Emily about her process. She escorts Lana to Morgan who wonders if she is gathering info on him for Lois. He then makes the same offer to Lana. Jordan's cold is getting worse so Clark takes him to the fortress. For endangering Superman and her son Jordan, Lois tells General Lane he isn't welcome in their home anymore once this crisis is over.
  4. Burn it Out: The only way to heal Jordan is to burn the Kryptonite out of him or his lungs will freeze. It's a very painful procedure but it's Clark's only option. He stands with Jordan and the fortress begins to burn Jordan. While Jordan goes through the procedure, Kyle is able to be the hero to his daughter and play the guitar in Jordan's stead. Jonathan goes to the porch to ask why General Lane made the weapons. Jonathan puts General Lane in a corner with his statement, "he could never be afraid of his family". Back at the talent show, Emily's new hearing kicks in. She walks out on her daughter's performance. Morgan saw a newspaper article that Superman is still weak and he tasks some of his new Kryptonian Agents to attack Lois.
  5. Attack on Lois: Jordan beats the Kryptonite but is really feeling hurt. Lana calls to warn Lois but Emily is already there to kill Lois. With Clark and Jordan in the Fortress, General Lane uses his anti-Kryptonian weapons to fight the two agents Morgan sent. Kyle arrives on the farm chasing after Emily and finds Lois and Jonathan with John Henry Iron's guns. Jonathan is able to blast the two but in a HUGE shock, Kyle seems to have powers too and attacks just as Superman arrives to chase them off.

In the final wrap up moments, General Lane and Lois talk it out. General Lane is resigned to set up in Smallville as the war John Henry Irons warned about seems to be coming. Jonathan and Jordan discuss the revelations and wonder if they should tell Sarah about her dad. Lana discovers that Kyle volunteered for the procedure Edge offered. He still seems to be himself a bit but when he goes super, he blacks out. Lois and Clark figure out that X-Kryptonite only landed in Smallville and it's only people from Smallville that can accept its affects. Morgan Edge then calls Superman to come have a conversation and we learn he's not Morgan Edge but a Kryptonian as well! The episode ends with Edge slapping Superman down and then calling him "brother".

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#7 Smallville connectionCatPat 2021-06-13 08:03
I thought this was interesting...

#6 RE: Loyal Subjekts RecapCatPat 2021-06-11 12:44
Quoting RobertAnthony:
At Superman Homepage, they offer reviews of any and all things Superman. And apparently a Neal Bailey either really hates this show or he's a troll...check out his review.

Then again, I think some there treat Superman as their own personal deity.

The Arrowverse take on comics isn't for everyone, but he is way into Randy Savage... lol! Its like that crappy Cosmic News site goes overboard in trashing Supergirl at every turn... its like an obsession.

The Superman homepage also did a reader poll on favorite S&L characters. Results:

#5 RE: Loyal Subjekts RecapCatPat 2021-06-10 04:02
Another thought... perhaps Edge isn't Kryptonian at all and is just trying to win Sups over?
#4 Apparently there is a hater somewhereRobertAnthony 2021-06-10 02:37
At Superman Homepage, they offer reviews of any and all things Superman. And apparently a Neal Bailey either really hates this show or he's a troll...check out his review.

Then again, I think some there treat Superman as their own personal deity.
#3 RE: Loyal Subjekts RecapCatPat 2021-06-09 19:40
Most of the episode was predictable but very entertaining. I mean, you knew it was Cushing that Leslie was leading into Edge's office. Right?

My main complaint and it really isn't much of a complaint is that I would expect Lois Lane to be smarter with how she approaches Edge. She should know that the people of Smallville will not bite the hand that is promising to feed them. Her approach is too rash under the circumstances and she should see it.

The stark differences between the Fortress (S&L v. Supergirl) is still a sticking point. If it turns out S&L is set 14-15 years ahead of Supergirl, it would explain a lot. Why the twins are teenagers, why Kara is MIA and perhaps the Fortress is different because it was decimated in those years.

Now, the twist at the end... I did not see that coming at all. I assume by "brother", Edge meant both are Kryptonian and not actual brothers.

That was a great ending.Still easily the best of Arrowverse.
+1 #2 RE: Loyal Subjekts RecapCRSmfan 2021-06-09 04:03
The Superman scenes are always my favorite in any episode of this show and this one proved no different. I thought Superman stopping the bank robbery in Mexico was pretty awesome with a nice little added touch of Superman speaking Spanish.

I've also enjoyed watching the Mother/Son scenes with Lois and Jonathan, it's nice to see them forming a bond as the non-Supers in the family.

Not familiar if Kal-el has ever had a brother (if that's truly who he is) but at least it should provide some good scenes in coming episodes with Tyler H and Adam Rayner.
#1 RE: Loyal Subjekts Recapvantheman77 2021-06-09 00:36
Lots of twists and turns we didn’t see coming.

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