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Whoa, ok here we go! Last week's episode has been touted as one the series best so far with Clark really having to own and control his anger! We also were left on a cliffhanger from last week with Jordan's hearing going out of control and he is starting to heat up. Clark whisked him off to the fortress where Jor-El might be able to help. We are jumping right back into the madness with Clark carrying Jordan off to the Fortress. But, don't forget that Alex Luthor aka "Marcus" seemed to tip his hand a bit too much and Lois is on his case as a potential threat. She at least knows he isn't telling her everything. General Lane revealed he has Kryptonite weapons and Jonathan might never play football again! WOW, that's a lot to cover, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Fortress: Jordan needs time to adapt to his new powers. Earmuffs seem to give him some comfort but he needs to train to control it. Clark was down for two weeks when he started hearing like he does. At Morgan Edge's company, Lana shows up to start her new job. She is willing to work with Lois to track things that are unusual. In the meantime, Leslie is dispatched to send a small shipment of X-Kryptonite out to see who comes looking for it, Captain Luthor, Lois, or Superman? Lois sets a public meeting with "Marcus" to find out who he really is. We are treated to a flashback on Alex Luthor's world where he is married to Lois, has a daughter and is considerably happy. That is until Superman and others start bringing down the city.
  2. Captain Luthor: Jordan continues to struggle with his powers. Lois goes to confront Marcus while Clark check outs "Marcus"'s place. Alex Luthor knows that Edge is trying to make an army of super soldiers. He wants Lois to get him in touch with Superman. Clark is able to hear the device call Alex "Luthor" and joins Lois in their truck. They think he might be Lex somehow. Alex doesn't seem to know Clark is Superman. Lois and Clark head to track the X-Kryptonite shipment but Alex already has the road barricaded.
  3. X-Kryptonite: The shipment is going to get stopped but there is a van behind the truck filled with gunmen. Superman intervenes and puts the van atop of a mountain. Alex Luthor is able to get the X-Kryptonite but Lois demands answers. Jonathan gets hit on by a girl at school. Jordan tries to use his hearing and by focusing on Sarah he can hear her conversation with Jonathan. He takes it wrong but Jonathan was being sweet. In a parallel shot, we see Alex ask for a meeting with Superman while back on his Earth, Lois calls for the public to find Kryptonite. Superman appears behind her a vapoizes her with his heat vision with Alex and his daughter looking on.
  4. Prepping for a Meeting: Lois tells Clark to take the sample of X-Kryptonite to the DOD for inspection. She works with Crissy to try and tie Lex Luthor to Alex somehow. Alex prepares for his meeting with Kal-El. We are presented a long montage of Alex Luthor and his daughter making the Lex-o-suit to fight the Kryptonians. Jordan calls Jonathan out on his conversation with Sarah but Jonathan puts him in his place. We learn quickly that the prints on the Kryptonite that Alex had match "John Henry Irons" on Earth Prime! Alex traps Superman in a red sunlight trap.
  5. John Henry Irons: The Stranger's identity on Earth Prime doesn't map to Lex Luthor, it maps to John Henry Irons which is a big deal if you know who he was in the comics. He's able to beat Superman with the red sunlight and his famous hammer. Jordan, however, hears that someone is trying to kill his dad. Jonathan and Jordan drive to save him and hit Alex with the truck. Lois arrives and stops Superman from keeping the fight going. Superman stands down and Alex is knocked out. Meanwhile Leslie sends the shipment since Superman is distracted.

In the final wrap up moments, Alex is trapped at the DOD where Superman will question him in the morning. Clark and Lois agree to tell the boys everything that is going on. Jordan apologizes for spying on Jonathan. On Alex's Earth, we see Alex prepare to use the suit for the first time and kill Kal-El.

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#4 RE: Man of Steel RecapCatPat 2021-05-26 14:12
So Lois and Clark are aware that the multiverse still exists, contrary to the other Earth Prime set shows. They previoysly cut scene where Lois was holding a picture of Kara because "they didn't want to open a can of worms"... sorry, but that can is wide open.

I was also puzzled that they thought Captain Luthor could be the son of Lex. While the actor playing Captain Luthor is 38 and Jon Cryer is 56, certainly possible, we were led to believe Lex is considerably younger than Jon on Supergirl, based on the ages of Lillian and Lena. Which brings up the question, is S&L set in the future, compared to other Arrowverse shows? Is that why the infant Jonathan is now a teen, as well as Jordan? Perhaps that is why S&L know there is still a multiverse? Perhaps that is why no mention of Kara? Two timelines could make crossovers confusing.

So many questions!
#3 RE: Man of Steel RecapCatPat 2021-05-26 14:07
Hmmm... Was Irons/Captain Luthor playing dumb and pretending not to know Clark is Kal/Superman? I thought in an earlier episode he indicated he knew Lois was married to Superman on this Earth? Still, a lot to digest.
#2 RE: Man of Steel RecapRobertAnthony 2021-05-26 03:44
And PIX 11 bumped this show to midnight just so to air the Nets/Celtics game, which Brooklyn won by the way 130-108? REALLY?!
#1 RE: Man of Steel Recapvantheman77 2021-05-25 20:37
We should have seen that reveal coming with the episode title, that's a nod to the 2013 movie. I smell Team Superman family!!

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