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Welcome back Superman and Lois fans. We had a week off but we're back for a few weeks of all new episodes. Lex Luthor is coming, and this is not the version we've seen on Supergirl with Jon Cryer! We've still got Bruno Mannhiem to deal with, and not that he has Bizarro's body, there is no telling what he is planning on making with Superman's blood. That just about covers the comicbook side of things, there still is the matter of Lois' cancer, what is going to happen with Jon and Cassy, and there is always the Sarah and Jordan drama going on. Also Natalie has her new boyfriend from Metropolis, so much could happen, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Clark Joins a Support Group: With Lois fighting cancer, Clark joins a support group for healthy spouses. Lois is given files from Mannheim's project. Clark leaves the group early. Lana pawns Sophie off on Sarah as she is too busy. She arrives at town hall to be interviewed by Crissy. Jon is being teased at the fire station. Jordan has completed his training at the fortress and wants to do solo saves but Clark says no. Superman is called to the DOD to find a dying villain asking for Mannheim who dismisses him immediately.
  2. Working at the Fire Hall: Jon is cleaning the firetruck to perfection under Kyle's supervision. Jordan makes a huge save at a flood site. Lois said he could go while Clark said no. Clark intends to train Jordan in the morning. Bruno is making strides forward with Bizarro and is creating a new serum. Kyle and Crissy's relationship seems to be moving forward while he is still not ready to tell Lana. Clark seems to be in denial about Lois' cancer, he won't face the last will and testament docs she has.
  3. Jordan vs Two Monsters: Superman decides to give Jordan a harder challenge but it also looks like he is afraid to let Jordan be active in the wild. Lois goes out to dinner with her cancer patient friend. She has faced the possibility that she could die but Clark hasn't and it doesn't help her to hear it all the time at home. Lois hears from her friend that Mannheim's hospital has done some good for her and the city. There are legitimate positives here. Jordan defeats Clark's tests but Clark is still concerned with him helping. Sophie wanders off to get food and Kyle and Lana realize she is missing and that they don't have this co-parenting thing figured out. Lana learns that Kyle is dating Crissy.
  4. The Humanity of Lois Lane: Clark's optimism keeps him from seeing Lois as someone who can die. It leads to a fight and Lois drives off. Jon and Sarah find Sophie. She's at the fair but its empty. Jon has a real talk with Sophie who takes comfort from it. Jon's efforts earn him a level up at the firehouse. Clark goes to apologize to Jordan. Just then, Superman is baited into a trap.
  5. Superman vs Kryptonite Lasers: The trap is set and three of Mannhiem's soldiers fire Kryptonite powered guns on him. With Superman effectively pinned down, Jordan gets permission from Lois to go save his father. Jordan is effective but gets hit with a Kryptonite blast. Seeing him hit overwhelms Superman who takes out the threat immediately.

In the final wrap up moments of the show, we find out that Kryptonite doesn't affect Jordan like it does Clark. The fortress seems to confirm that it doesn't hurt Jordan. Without that vulnerability he could become stronger that Superman. Clark admits finally that he feels powerless against Lois' cancer. Lana and Sarah finally spend some time with Sophie. Kyle and Chrissy talk at the paper. Not telling Lana makes Chrissy feel awful but Kyle doubles down with his excitement for his new relationship. Clark returns to group therapy. We find out the villain that has the vertigo powers is Lois' friend from the cancer treatment facility. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Of Sound Mind Recapvantheman77 2023-04-25 18:28
So Kryptonite doesn't affect Jordan like it does Clark and Kara, eh? I got two words for Jordan Kent - Superboy. Prime.

Superman's true weaknesses are that he can't be everywhere at once and that he can't stop Human natural causes.

Clark is not in the right frame of mind with Lois' cancer and Jordan not ready for the real world.

The Onomatopeia isn't surprising considering that Lois patient friend's name was short for it.

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