Sofia Hasmik Levels Up to Series Regular

Clark and his half-brother still have a lot to work out even if Lois and her family are able to bring Superman back from Zeta-Rho's programming. But like all good superhero shows, there will be a tomorrow and with the show already receiving a second season green light, we are getting our first hint at what is in store for The Kent family coming season 2. That hint comes to us from in a new exclusive. Sofia Hasmik who plays the lovable and at times awkward Smallville Gazette journalist, Chrissy Beppo, has been promoted to a series regular in season 2. This likely means that Lois' role at The Gazette will expand. We've really enjoyed seeing Lois take Chrissy under her wing and the pair break down the Morgan Edge mysteries. We're excited for more!

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#3 Wasn't much a fan of hers to start...RobertAnthony 2021-07-06 09:45
...but she has since grown on me. If she could polish up on photography she could like a "Clicker" Binney, a female photog used in The Green Hornet on radio and in comics and magazines.
#2 RE: Sofia Hasmik Levels Up to Series RegularCatPat 2021-07-02 18:15
I really like her. I hope they keep the right balance with the character. Sometimes a great reoccurring character is expanded to the point of annoyance... like Gary on Legends. It's a somewhat large cast, so manageable.
#1 RE: Sofia Hasmik Levels Up to Series Regularvantheman77 2021-07-01 14:06
Glad Chrissy will be series regular for 2nd season as we can focus on Clark and Lois' journalism side. This could also mean that 1 or 2 people may leave the show after the 1st season.

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