Superman and Lois Season 3 Premiere "Closer" Recap

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! Today we are kicking off the start to season 3! First, as many of you have heard, The DC world is in complete reset as the company has decided to start in a new direction that has ousted Henry Cavill as the silver screen's Superman. This has led to questions regarding Superman and Lois' future. As we know we clearly have a season three and from what we are hearing, there is still room for more Superman and Lois. The network is very happy with the show and its quality. Only matched by Stargirl, Superman and Lois outshines other comic related shows and we are so happy to have more stories to watch! Now for season 3 opening:

  1. 27 Days: We join the Kent family about a month after last season. They are in the new fortress. Lana announces a new town hall. Clark has started working at the Gazette. Clark and Jordan race while flying to the new fortress. Clark sets Jordan up to train at the fortress while Lois and Jonathan train to drive. Natalie and General Lane decide to go to a movie together. The Irons are now working for General Lane at the DOD. In Malaysia there is a crane disaster and Jordan goes to help but makes the situation worse, Superman arrives to save the day.
  2. Disobedience: Jordan and Clark talk about the disaster at the fortress. Later we discover the school has a black mold problem. Lois goes to see this Earth's John Henry Irons' sister, a doctor in Metropolis. Our Earth's John Henry was somehow involved with illegal gun trades. It's hinted that Lois might be pregnant.
  3. Another one on the way: Lois and Clark discuss Lois' possible pregnancy. They aren't sure what to do. Natalie feels betrayed now that Sam used his movie date to try and recruit her. Jonathan and Jordan share a brotherly moment and they go to practice driving. John walks in on Clark buying pregnancy tests. Lois and Lana share a drink but Lois sticks with water. Lana figures it out.
  4. Driving Test: Jonathan goes for his driving test and it turns out the football coach is his instructor. Even with the challenge, Jonathan passed and he is elated. As Jordan's and Jonathan's birthday party begins, John confronts Sam about what he did. The party culminates in a video presentation of the boys growing up. Superman leaves the party early to help Metropolis. Henry Miller is out of jail and has powers now!
  5. Battle in the streets: Superman fights his new powered foe and quickly takes him out of the populated area of the city. Sarah wishes for time with Jordan, but not as his girlfriend. Jordan can hear the battle with his father and sits in terror not being able to help. Superman asks who gave Miller powers but he is gunned down by something that doesn't use bullets. A mysterious figure appears and takes Miller away.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Ex-Mayor George confronts Lana about the funds, they were earmarked for some other purpose, the ex-mayor seems scared. Sam goes to apologize to Natalie. Lois and Clark share another moment. We see that Kyle and Krissy shared a night together after the boys party. Krissy hides while Lana delivers the divorce papers. Doctor Irons calls and it turns out Lois is not pregnant. We see Bruno Manheim in an underground facility. They were able to bring back Miller. Check out a trailer for next week's all new Superman and Lois below:

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#1 RE: Superman and Lois Season 3 Premiere "Closer" Recapvantheman77 2023-03-14 18:36
Great start to the season. New relationships are setup and the new Jonathan Kent fits well with the family. Now we have Bruno Mannheim as the main villain.

According to the showrunners, Tal-Rho will not be in this season.

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