The Best of Smallville Trailer

Four episodes up, four episodes leaving us amazed! The quality and twists this show has seem to have no bounds as we are continually left scratching our heads at all the great storytelling they can get into just one episode! We are looking ahead to next week with a bit of a wary heart as we know that this will be the last new episode of Superman and Lois for seven weeks. The show hit an unexpected Covid-19 cautionary shut down. That said, Supergirl will fill in which is great and we know Superman and Lois will be back in no time! Jonathan is starting to get annoyed at how the power struggles have shift with him being in Smallville and Captain Luthor is looking to exploit Superman's greatest weakness against him, Lois. Check out the trailer for next weeks episode below:

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#1 RE: The Best of Smallville TrailerCatPat 2021-03-16 19:54
Jonathan has reason to be resentful. He was going to be starting QB in big city Metropolis and relegated to the bench in Smallville. If his talents were such that even as JV he would be starting QB in Metropolis (a big fish in a big pond) and then suddenly being benched as a small fish in a very small pond is a rude awakening.

I hope we get more Captain Luthor backstory... maybe a first name confirmation? Hopefully, the hiatus doesn't hurt the show, as it and Stargirl are the future of Arrowverse.

The bright spot, I am glad we are getting Supergirl in the interim. I hate that Supergirl is ending, as I thought it would run for the full 7 years of the primary cast contracts, but hopefully we get a satisfying conclusion. I really would love Melissa to consider a guest appearance on Earth 2 Stargirl as Powergirl and an occasional pop up on Superman & L as Kara and not completely abandon Arrowverse.

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