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It's on all of our minds while we watch this all new episode of Superman and Lois. Will there be a fourth season? Final word on that hasn't been given but The CW's president of the entertainment division, Brad Schwartz, has said that the show doesn't make any money for the network. He further claims that the show isn't able to grow its audience because previous seasons can only be viewed on Max (previously HBO Max). Its because of this that many are speculating that The CW will save the much cheaper to make Gotham Knights, but Max will acquire Superman and Lois for a fourth season. It is known that this season ends on a bit of a cliff hanger so a fourth season is certainly wanted by the fans! But for now, on to 'The Dress':

  1. Seventeen Years Ago: We join Clark and Lois back when they were planning their wedding. Lois then finds out she is in the running for an award! She needs to find a gala worthy dress to wear. Back in modern times, Lois has positive news about her cancer. Lana and John Henry discuss the Mannheim situation. They seem to be getting closer. John Henry is summoned to the DOD to talk with Mannheim. He wants to see Pia but John Henry is keeping her from him.
  2. The Dress: As Lois cleans out her closet she finds the dress Clark got her for the awards ceremony. We see a flashback to when Clark sold his baseball cards to get Lois this dress. Jon, Jordan, Sarah and Natalie meet at the diner to talk about Mateo. Jon steps on Natalie's feelings. At the farm, Lois is giving away the dress that Clark bought for her. It clearly seems to have hurt him. Mateo confronts his dad about the crimes that surround him. His dad has no answers but it looks like Mannheim has dispatched a team to Smallville to confront John Henry.
  3. Mannheim's Goons: John Henry fights off four of Mannheim's goons and sends Natalie to hide at Sarah's house. Clark takes the clothes to Lana and she notes how sad he is. Turns out Lois will lose her breasts after the treatments. Lana offers to speak with Lois about it. Jon speaks with Natalie and they plot a plan to get Natalie to see Mateo. Lana and Lois speak about the body changes she will go through. Superman goes to appeal to Mannheim. Just as Mannheim starts to agree with Superman, John Henry and the DOD break in. Superman is upset they forced their way in.
  4. The Mannheim Raid: Once Sam realizes that John Henry played him to get the raid he is sent home. Lois reveals that it isn't certain if she can have breast reconstructive surgery. We get more flashbacks to when Lois and Clark go to the gala. Lois shares that she'll feel less of a woman when the surgery happens. Natalie and Mateo meet between Smallville and Metropolis. Mateo never knew his mom had powers. Natalie and Mateo make up, and Sarah forces the Kent boys to hug it out. John Henry gets a visit from one of Mannheim's powered-up goons.
  5. Superfight: John Henry doesn't have time to get his suit on and gets hit big. Clark and Lois talk about the dress. Clark leaves to help John Henry. Superman has an epic fight in downtown Smallville. John gets his hammer just in time. The hammer was used again and killed the powered-up goon. Superman arrives, clearly disappointed that John Henry has killed a man.

In the final wrap up moments, The DOD arrive to help clean up the damage. Natalie arrives and notes that her father is not acting like himself. Mateo now knowing the truth about his dad confronts him. However, Mannheim shows his son what he's been working on. Mannheim has a cure and it comes from Bizarro Superman! Clark returns to Lois and he reassures her that nothing can change his feelings about her. They share a flight dressed up as they were the night of the gala. Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: The Dress Recapvantheman77 2023-05-24 13:43
Don't forget that this is John Henry Irons of a parallel universe, where his Lois died and wanted revenge against the evil Superman.

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