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Tonight is a special night for us. You may know we cover several of the CW superhero shows and we've become quite close with several of these newer style Arrowverse shows. Superman and Lois set a new bar for Arrowverse shows to achieve  and it is only met in tonight's new lead in, Stargirl! Both shows are simply incredible and these two powerhouse shows seem to be the future of The CW! If you are a Stargirl fan, don't forget to get our recap of the season premiere at our sister site! Looking to Smallville, the very thing that Lois said would happen seems to have happened. With Edge no longer backing the city with his investments, houses are foreclosing, businesses are failing and there is still the looming threat of what Edge might do when he returns! There was a lot that stood out in tonight's penultimate episode here's our recap:

  1. Can't Have it Both Ways: The Smallville Gazette releases a new issue criticizing the DEO of their stay in town. Clark and Lois visits Lois' father and have a fight about the upcoming town hall and telling the truth. Jonathan visits Steel in his workshop and notices the firefly decal and upsets Steel by responding with “awesome” over memories of his daughter. 
Clark visits Lana, their family put their house up for sale. Clark asks her to stay as the heart of Smallville. Crissy tells Lois that she is selling the Smallville Gazette to a large new corporation. Her debts are too much and she has no other choice but to sell.
  2. Town Meeting: Jordan and Sarah are treated differently now that the Cushings are public enemy number one. Jonathan and Jordan are invited to a town under siege party but Sarah is going to hang back. At a town hall meeting, General Lane and Lois begin to answer the town's questions when The Eradicator arrives. He is after Leslie Larr and it doesn't look like anything can stop him. Back at the town meeting, Sharon Powell arrives to call out General Lane over the death of her son. The meeting breaks down when General Lane gets word of the attack from Edge and he is forced to leave.
  3. Metropolis: Edge has gone to Metropolis to attack the city that has the most meaning to Clark and Lois. Jordan misses a call and Jonathan is willing party over being responsible due to his chat with John Henry. Lana and Kyle start to think about staying when Kyle gets an offer in a town two hours away. Sarah calls him out and storms off. Back in Metropolis, the Eradicator is fully formed. It seems he needs to only touch a person to impart Kryptonian consciousness on them. With the Eradicator, there is also Leslie Larr and four others there to attack the city!
  4. Battle for Metropolis: Superman heads off to deal with the Kryptonians in the business district. He is able to take one out and takes on another. Steel fights Leslie Larr and another Kryptonian. He is seperated from his hammer, slowing his attack abilities. Back at the party, Jonathan talks with Tegan who tries to be sincere about her liking Jonathan. Sarah heads to the party to find Jordan and talk about the move. The party is interupted with news of the battle in Metropolis. Lois heads to the roof where she begins to tell the story of what is happening just like on John Henry's Earth. Instead of Superman floating behind Lois, its Leslie Larr this time with both Jordan and Jonathan watching on TV.
  5. Steel to the Rescue: Even though he might not have been able to save his Lois, siding with Superman on our Earth allows Steel to save Lois before being killed by Larr. Jordan and Sarah discuss the difficulties of moving apart. They are worried about the long distance. General Lane arrives at the party to pull out his grand kids. Sarah goes too. While Superman and Lois work to figure out where the Eradicator is going, it becomes clear that he will make more subjects and Jonathan, Jordan, General Lane and Sarah are on the other end of his attack.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Jonathan, Jordan, General Lane and Sarah are all in the flipped SUV. The Eradicator has taken Jordan and left Jonathan and a badly injured General Lane. Superman hunts the entire world to find Jordan but he can't. The Eradicator has implated Zeta-Rho in him!

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#2 RE: The Eradicator RecapCatPat 2021-08-12 08:30
Some good action scenes. Loved when Steel threw the hammer and sent Leslie flying through the building... then cones around to take out another resurrected Kryptonian.

Those buildings saw a lot of action... I wondered about casualties as they were clearly occupied... plus all that glass falling towards the pedestrians below. Clearly, I am overthinking.

Jordan possessed... can't wait to see how they deal with that... I suspect he's not strong enough to just snap out of it.
#1 RE: The Eradicator RecapKaraD 2021-08-11 17:24
That was a very intense episode! I actually loved all the episodes so far. I can only imagine what the season finale will look like. We don't need Superman movies with an incredible tv show like that!

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