The Inverse Method Recap

Well, now that we know what the thing in the mines was, the title of "Inverse Method" is making a lot more sense to us! Were you fooled by the show when it was Bizarro that came out and not Doomsday? When Lois said Doomsday we thought she was calling it, but what a Bizarre twist! Lt. Anderson looks like he's going to deploy his team and there's no telling what Bizzaro is going to do to them. Will Clark be able to fight back? What is causing his connection to Bizarro? Of course, Supergirl fans will have their eyes trained on Lucy Lane! Jenna Dewan reprises her role as Lois' sister, but a very different version due to Crisis! What other changes can we expect? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Five Years Ago: Lucy was living with the Kent family in Metropolis but Lucy couldn't take it. She decided to move back with her friend and cult leader Ally. We join back to where we left off and Lois is confronting Ally the Inverse Society Cult leader. She has Lucy on her side again and she is going to make a major claim on her podcast tomorrow. Bizarro is using his heat breath to locate some kind of diamond. He and Clark are still connected. Lucy has recanted a lot of her story and Lois is planning on finding her. Clark invites John to coffee, and we learn the mayor is digging up dirt on Lana. Just then, Bizarro descends on the Kent farm!
  2. Bizarro Battle: Bizarro is looking for Clark. The two instantly begin in battle and the stone on Bizarro seems to be pulling energy in from Clark. John calls for his hammer to separate the pair and Bizarro, not seeing a fair fight, flies off. Jon is not sure about taking the drug x-k. Lois and Chrissy get a lead on Ally’s cult meeting. John tells Clark he needs to get help when facing Bizarro and with his suit and hammer down, hopes Clark will take it to Anderson. They have the ability to track Bizarro.
  3. Jordan's Mistake: Jordan tried to stop the thieves but is caught on camera using his breath. He calls General Lane who is able to scramble the video before anyone sees it. Chrissy and Lois head to the meeting. Chrissy is in disguise and gets in. Clark goes to Anderson for help and asks them to track Bizarro. Jon decides to try the XK during football practice. His vision and performance is enhanced. Natalie takes notice. Lucy confronts Lois in the parking lot. She asks for 5 minutes with Lucy. Lucy is not budging from the cult and Ally calls out Chrissy in the meeting.
  4. Cult Fight: Lucy and Lois have it out. Lucy claims Lois manipulates the story to fit her narrative. Ally turns on a hidden camera that shows Lucy and Lois talking about the story. Lucy claims that she saw her other self through Ally’s guidance. Ally and Lucy played Lois and Chrissy and recorded the interaction. Lois is left looking very bad. Chrissy’s faith in Lois is shaken. Lana and Kyle tell Sarah that the mayor is looking into her. Lois debriefs Clark on what happened at the cult. Bizarro is located in Bolivia and Anderson doesn't tell Superman but sends his team instead. 
  5. Bizarro Battle: The Battle against Bizarro does not go well for Anderson's team. Two are almost instantly killed! Only Tag remains and he speeds off once Superman arrives. He takes Bizarro's crystal. Steel arrives to help but throws all the remaining energy into the hammer. Defenseless, he takes a hit from Bizarro and is knocked out. Superman is able to battle Bizarro to a stalemate and he retreats. Superman takes John for help.

In the final wrap up moments, John is hospitalized. Lois and Clark are there but Natalie asks them to leave since he couldn't protect John. Mayor turns out to be targeting Kyle not Sarah. The Kents set a schedule to go and visit Natalie and John in the hospital. Jordan goes to ask his grandpa to train him. He wants to be able to help Clark if he ever needed it. General Lane asks that Jordan keep it a secret. Kyle goes to the bar, it seems he might have had an affair and with the Mayor digging, Lana might find out. Chrissy calls Ally and asks for a meeting! Catch the trailer for the next all new episode of Superman and Lois below. It's going to be delayed due to the Superbowl and the Olympics.

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#2 RE: The Inverse Method RecapCRSmfan 2022-02-02 02:56
The Superman/Bizarro scenes were pretty awesome and the definite highlight of the episode. Fantastic work from Tyler in playing both characters. I did notice reduced screen time for Tyler in the episode which maybe the price to pay for having him portray Bizarro, I imagine he must spend a long time in the make-up chair.

Nice to see Jenna Dewan play Lucy Lane again (even with it being a vastly different version of the character from the one she portrayed on Supergirl). Great performances from Jenna and Elizabeth in some powerful Lucy/Lois scenes.
#1 RE: The Inverse Method Recapvantheman77 2022-02-01 18:14
We get the full fledged Superman/ Bizarro fight in live action.

Sad that Lt. Mitch Anderson paid the price of losing two members of Supermen of America and John Henry Irons injured in coma.

We now have a Lucy Lane that’s drastically different from the Supergirl version due to the Crisis.

I wonder if retired General Sam Lane’s true purpose is to train Superman descendants like Jordan.

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