The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Recap

Superman and Lois seem to be changing the way the Arrowverse is looked at! With extended episodes via streaming, adding more money to the budget seems to be paying dividends! The show is the most streamed show ever for the network proving the live ratings are a thing of the past and that good content will be viewed at the users' timeline. With only three new episodes remaining before Supergirl takes over due to a Covid-19 filming issue, the mysteries facing the Kent family are only growing! Tonight featured some wonderful family moments, epic saves from The Man of Steel, one of the coolest fight scenes we've ever seen and a new mystery to be solved, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Making The Farm Home: Lois and family are painting the home when a family painting fight breaks out! During the fun, Clark hears a bridge is about to fall in China! Superman arrives just in time to save the section that collapses! With a friendly wave from the man in the fishing boat, Superman returns the bridge and saves the day! The Cushing family waits for Sarah to get out of her therapy session. Lana is still concerned that Sarah tried to commit suicide last year. At the high school, Jordan is being bullied by Sarah's boyfriend. Jonathan attempts to help but Jordan's new strength is about to show. Clark arrives to help because he can hear that the boys were in trouble. It's a bit of a privacy invasion on Clark's part. Clark and Lois reflect on the first time Clark listened in on Lois and they decided to offer the boys the same deal he made to Lois. He wouldn't listen in on their lives.
  2. Powell vs Edge: At the Smallville Gazette, a woman arrives with a claim against Morgan Edge. Her son has gone missing and she has a voicemail indicating he might have been killed. Someone outside monitors the woman's visit to the paper. At the school, Sarah breaks up with her boyfriend, quits cheerleading, and Jordan tries out for the football team. His new powers make him a huge asset. Jordan's reputation among the team is rising but Coach forces Jonathan to run for keeping his brother a secret.
  3. Cushing Family Drama: Jonathan, Jordan and Sarah meet up at a diner to hang out. Lana arrives and gets into a huge fight with Sarah. Lana takes Sarah home and Clark arrives to have dinner with the boys. Lois is working late for the Gazette and while her boss isn't convinced that Lois has a story, her car is set on fire outside. It's clear Lois is on to something. Jonathan confronts Jordan about playing football. Clark goes to drop off the farm paperwork to Lana and the pair share a moment to talk about raising families. Lana spills the beans on Jordan playing football. Jordan lays out Sarah's ex-boyfriend but then helps him up getting the kids to back off of the Kent boys. Jordan yells at Clark in a big blow-up because Clark questions if Jordan should be playing football. Even though Jonathan's identity is very centered around playing football he goes to Clark to encourage him to let Jordan play. While it's a sacrifice on Jonathan's part, he's asking for this for his brother's interest since playing football is getting Jordan friends.
  4. Epic Fight: Lois heads to visit Mrs. Powell. Her room has been broken into and she is being staged to look like she committed suicide. The person watching Lois in the paper and presumably who set Lois' car on fire attacks Lois. He has strength like Superman somehow. Lois calls for Superman who arrives almost instantly to save Lois and Mrs. Powell. The fight that ensues is one of the coolest fight scenes we've ever seen. Superman uses his freeze breath finally to take the attacker out. The use of slow motion and speed ups makes this fight cinematic! This really is a scene that is setting Superman and Lois apart from the other Arrowverse shows (except for Stargirl).
  5. Sarah Opens Up: Lana goes to Sarah to explain she is just scared for Sarah. Sarah is at a crossroads and doesn't know what she wants in life but she is honest that she doesn't want to hurt herself anymore. Lana and Sarah have a moment of reconnection. At the farm, Clark explains how he wanted to play baseball but was never allowed because of his powers. After speaking to Jordan about it and setting ground rules, he decides to allow Jordan to play football. It's a good way for Jordan to feel normal and connected to others. And ... it's for a girl (Sarah) of course because as Clark says, "It's always for a girl". Clark goes to the football coach and volunteers as an assistant coach.

In the final moments, Jordan invites Sarah to watch his first football game. The two are bonding. Clark arrives pretending to struggle with the water cooler. Jordan and Clark share a moment pretending Clark has trouble moving the water cooler. Lois and her boss realize that there is a bigger picture going on with Edge and the two commit to the investigation. The final scene is SHOCKING as Morgan Edge's assistant, Leslie Larr uses HEAT VISION to murder the person who Superman fought at Mrs. Powell's room. Is Leslie Larr Kryptonian? Is she really a version of Supergirl villain Lesla-Larr? Stay tuned next week!

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#4 RE: The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower RecapCRSmfan 2021-03-11 10:36
My least favorite episode so far. A little too much family drama and not enough Superman. The Superman scenes we did get though were pretty awesome especially the bridge save in China, I do enjoy Superman with a smile using his superpowers to save the day and many lives.

I continue to enjoy Clark and Lois scenes and it was cool to see Lois with a signal for Superman to come save her.

Another fine performance from Tyler whose becoming my 2nd favorite Superman (no-one will ever replace Christopher Reeve as my # 1).
#3 RE: The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Recapmuckle9999 2021-03-10 07:55
Not much to say about this episode except that it's pretty clear that Clark and Lana are questionable parents. In the opening scene while Lois was trying to figure out the best color to paint the walls, somehow this family project quickly turned into a paint fight. Now, I've known about pillow fights and food fights but I never heard about paint fights. That's a new one on me. Anyway,I thought it was a decent episode and will be tuned in next week.
+1 #2 RE: The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower RecapCatPat 2021-03-10 04:25
Jordan on the football team doesn't seem to match the character description. I hope this doesn't signal a shift to CW teen trope.

Are the the super-powered "villains" Kryptonian, engineered? I agree it was an excellent fight scequence.

Lois has a story!

Borrowing a villain from Supergirl would be cool as the Supergirl TV show has borrowed from Superman over the years.
+2 #1 RE: The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Recapvantheman77 2021-03-09 23:28
First two episodes are hard acts to follow and that's what happened here as the focus is on the teenagers of Jonathan, Jordan, Sarah, and Chrissy.

The Superman stuff is awesome as usual as this is how it should be with Superman after negative portrayals in Smallville and Man of Steel.

No mention of Captain Luthor which is odd.

Good episode overall.

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