The Thing in the Mines Recap

So this episode is supposed to really turn on the gas for this season. Tyler Hoechlin has said in other interviews that the first episode of the season you'll get a hint at what's in the mines, the second episode you'll get a bit more and by the third episode you'll know what is coming from deep in the Smallville mines! Were fans correct with their guess that it was Doomsday coming? If so, what does that mean for Clark? Will Superman and Lois really do a version of "The Death of Superman"? Exciting times! Of course, in other stories Lana has finally stepped up and is running for Mayor herself! Also, Lois' sister, Lucy is coming next week! There's a lot to look forward to, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Debilitating Vision: Clark attempts to go into the mine and find out what's there, but, he can't get in, the visions are debilitating. Superman needs to investigate but with no one else to turn to, they ask General Lane to get John Henry military credentials so he can go in. Jordan gets advice from Jonathan and Natalie about Sarah, and Lana and Kyle talk mayoral run strategy and a quinceanera for Sarah. Lois revisits the cult and Jordan asks for permission to tell Sarah about his powers. Clark rejects the idea too strongly, heating up and screaming, clearly being affected by the thing in the mines.
  2. Jordan is in Love: Clark's reaction was too strong and Jordan is worried. Jonathan discovers his rival isn't taking drugs but instead using kryptonian crystals. Lana has some trouble with her campaign when asked a hard question and Sam arrives to get John Henry in. Sam is confronted by Lois about Lucy. Sam has never been able to take sides. Jonathan calls out the QB and they learn that it's Jonathan's girlfriend who is doing the selling. The boys fight, Clark breaks it up and when he goes to discipline Jon, he has another anger episode. 
  3. Out of Control: Clark is taking on the feelings and anger of the thing in the mine. General Lane is rightly concerned. John Henry gets into the mines to investigate and Lana takes a big early loss on her campaign. Lois and Clark talk about his outbursts and she reminds him he needs to apologize. Jon and Natalie bond over a video game and John Henry learns the mine was collapsed on purpose, before he is knocked out by the mine operator.
  4. Apologies All Around: Clark apologizes to the boys and has a special moment with Jordan. Lois goes to monitor John Henry who hasn't moved much. General Lane is there to help and the two talk about Lucy. General Lane has taken a side and he's with Lois. He has agreed to reach out to Lucy and she'll meet her sister (next episode). Lana gives advice to Sarah about Jordan and Lois and Clark reflect with all that's going on on their deck. Clark then falls to the ground with a panic attack, the thing in the mines is loose!
  5. Doomsday?: The thing in the mine has escaped and it's VERY strong. In a near comic accurate suit, the thing instantly goes for Superman. Steel requests the suit and in an awesome animation, the suit breaks apart and reforms on John Henry. He fires solar charges at the thing and gives Clark time to get his head back. The mask on the suit is broken and we see a blue glowing eye. Was that Doomsday or Bizarro?

In the final wrap up moments of the show, we find out that it isn't Doomsday, it's Bizarro! Jon didn't get the QB position and Natalie scolds her dad for using the suit. Natalie offers to upgrade the suit and John Henry thinks they should make two. Lois leaves to visit Lucy, Sarah helps Lana film a campaign ad via social media. Jordan visits Sarah and gives her Martha's necklace that Johnathan Kent Sr. gave to her in high school. Jonathan goes to his girlfriend and asks that she start helping him get more powerful. Lois is visited by the cult learner instead of Lucy. Bizarro arrives at the Fortress of Solitude! Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#2 OK I will admitRobertAnthony 2022-01-27 18:47
Episode 1 of season 2 was a bit of an anomaly to me. Ep. 2 was a little improvement. This episode...YES...I am back to watching this show.

Not using Doomsday, but instead going with Bizarro was a great curveball that I was glad to take for strike 3.

Of course, Supergirl in season 1 had a Bizarro Supergirl, but was seemingly left on the cutting room floor.

Things are back on and cracking with S&L

PERSONAL is dealing with covid pneumonia. It has been a war and mom is MISERABLE.
#1 RE: The Thing in the Mines Recapvantheman77 2022-01-26 11:36
They got us good. Glad they’re not using Doomsday as we had enough of that story.

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