The Ties That Bind Recap

What is deep within the mines? The internet is a buzz with theories about what could be trying to escape from deep within the Earth. Many have already called the comic book famous villain, Doomsday! Doomsday is notably the first character that actually killed the Man of Steel in the comics being one of the only beings that can go toe to toe with actual strength of a Kryptonian! What clues will the gather tonight to support or refute that idea? Of course there is a question of Clark's visions as well. Are they connected? What is the DOD planning with their own Superman Squad? There's a lot to jump into, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Visions: Lois makes a big breakfast for her family and new guests. Clark has another vision and drops to the floor. John offers to take the kids to high school and Clark resolves to go talk with his half-brother about the visions. Lana has a mayoral event planned but the current mayor crashes it. Natalie has her first day at school and becomes fast friends with Sarah.
  2. The Eradicator: Clark’s visit goes as expected, Tal-Rho was not helpful. Back at the mayoral event, Lana discovers her candidate got a job elsewhere and is leaving the race. Natalie and Sarah make plans to work on the car together and cut Jordan out. Lois asks for John’s help in getting to the bottom of what’s happening in the mines and Clark goes to help stop a terrorist attack. He faces a villain that breaths in something and gets powered up. Clark suffers a vision and Tag, from season one, arrives to help!
  3. Anderson Scolds: Clark was saved by Tag and he is at the DOD with the medical team. Anderson continues to tell Clark that he can't get involved with DOD operations if he isn't on his team. Lana and Kyle work to find another candidate but aren't finding any suitable names to run against the mayor. Lois and John set up at the mine to monitor the earthquakes. With Clark left to his own devices to solve what's wrong with him, he takes Tal-Rho out of jail, now powerless, and goes to his fortress in the desert. Jordan comes along to watch his back and we discover Kal's mother's crystal survived and Rho activates it!
  4. Lara: Clark, Jordan and Tal-Rho all meet with Lara. We learn that this version of her consciousness survived the destruction of Krypton. She has full knowledge of the Eradicator and was horrified to hear how it was used. Natalie and Sarah get the car started and we learn Sarah has a secret she is keeping from Jordan. Another earthquake is about to begin and Clark has another vision. Lois and John go to check the instruments and Tal-Rho breaks free from his cuffs!
  5. Powers: Tal-Rho still has powers and is able to take action against Superman while he is having another episode. Jordan steps up to defend his father and it turns out Jordan is getting even stronger. His heat vision can hurt Tal, and he hits a lot harder than he's done before. Tal gets the upper hand on him though and gets him in a choke hold. Whatever is in the mine is killing the workers in there and one of the workers decides to seal the mine and himself along with the beast by blowing the mine up. The vision Clark has stops and blasts Tal. Superman goes berserk on Tal for touching his son and is only stopped when Lara intervenes and lets him know she knows what is wrong with him.

In the final wrap-up moments of the show, Tal-Rho is returned to prison. Lois goes to the Gazette with the information that something else is causing the earthquakes not the mines. The viral story against Lois' cult story grows and Lois reveals it was her sister Lucy who was her hidden informant. Kyle returns home with the bright idea to have Lana run for mayor. Turns out Lana had the same idea. Sarah reveals to Jordan that she kissed a girl at camp and is starting to question her sexuality. Jordan doesn't take the news well. Clark, Lois and John discover that whatever is happening to Clark is being caused by another being. It's the thing in the mine that is causing it. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: The Ties That Bind Recapvantheman77 2022-01-18 18:33
Great followup to the premiere as things are coming together for the characters, especially Natalie. I like seeing Clark, Lois, and Irons sitting together discussing things.

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