Through the Valley of Death Gallery

Here we go Superman and Lois fans! We are back to new episodes tomorrow and again next week! Very exciting especially when you consider how we left off last episode. Because Tal-Rho discovered who Superman really is and that he has a family, he was able to weaponize his family against him. So with Superman off being reprogrammed to serve the Rho agenda, It's up to Lois, John Henry Irons, General Lane, and guest star John Diggle to develop a plan to either regain Superman as an ally, or worst case senario, take him and other Kryptonians out all together! Check out the gallery for tomorrow night's all new episode below:

DAVID RAMSEY (“ARROW”) GUEST STARS – Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and John Henry Irons (Wole Parks) can’t seem to agree on the best way to stop Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner). Meanwhile, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) encourages Jordan (Alex Garfin) to focus on strengthening his powers to help locate their dad. Lastly, an old friend is brought in to help with the search.

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#3 Excited for E12SupermanFangirl32 2021-07-13 04:53
I am just so very excited for E12, #SupermanAndLois is by far my one and only favorite Superhero tv series ever for me, and always will be, love love love this series
#2 RE: Through the Valley of Death GalleryCatPat 2021-07-12 18:25
A new episode... I can't wait. I had originally heard Ramsey would direct but not appear in S&L... clearly that is not the case.
#1 RE: Through the Valley of Death Galleryvantheman77 2021-07-12 14:21
John Henry Irons with General Sam Lane is a nod to his own parallel world. Lois has some history with Diggle. A divide in this episode over how to save Superman.

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