Through the Valley of Death Recap

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! It's so good to have you with us again on a brand new show night! As you may know already, tonight is an all new episode and next week will be an all new episode but the final two episodes of Superman and Lois will take place in August on the 10th and 17th respectively. When we last saw the Kent family, Superman surrendered himself to Tal-Rho to save his family from his half-brother. Rho took The Man of Steel to his twisted Desert Fortress of Solitude along with the Eradicator. Our final scene showed Superman being bombarded by Rho's Fortress presumably beginning his reprogramming to become the evil Superman we saw in John Henry Iron's world! Where is Superman now? Is he friend or foe? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. John Henry Irons: We open with John in Metropolis, he is looking for our Earth's version of his sister. It is then that he gets the call from Lois that we saw from the previous episode. In the Desert Fortress, we see that Superman is resisting the reprogramming. Tal-Rho then mentions that the new mind being added to Clark is that of ZOD!!! Back at the farm, General Lane arrives but they aren't having luck finding Superman. Kyle is looking for some normalcy in his life but before he can go to the fire station, one of his employees arrives to tell him that the town is angry at Kyle for backing Edge. Kyle chooses to stay home. John arrives at the farm and offers his assistance but is committed to putting Superman down, not rescuing him.
  2. A Tactical Error: John Henry Irons is terrified that Kal-El won't be able to be rescued and demands to kill him. Lois puts her foot down and demands a rescue and walks out. John and General Lane agree to share notes on technology that can kill Kryptonians. Jon and Jordan try to use Jordan's powers to find Superman. John has tech that makes red solar energy and makes Kryptonians like humans long enough to kill them. John gets General Lane to build him one. Meanwhile the town is turning against the Cushings. Lois reassures them and asks if Kyle remembers what it was like being possessed. Superman, still resisting Zod makes an escape from the fortress in the desert and calls for Jordan who hears him!
  3. John Diggle: John Diggle is sent as ARGUS' representative to give General Lane the tech John Henry Irons needs for his weapon. Diggle is pissed that General Lane didn't say how this tech was going to be used. Diggle is on the side of Superman. Jon and Jordan arrive to tell Lois where Superman is. The Cushing home is vandalized by angry town folk. With new information on Superman's whereabouts, General Lane is committed to sending John Henry Irons in to kill Superman. Lois pulls John aside and tells him who Superman really is.
  4. The Possibility of Hope: Learning that Clark is Superman has not deterred John. He will not hesitate. Diggle gives General Lane the business noting that he's fought alongside Superman, even going so far to mention that even Oliver Queen would have said Superman was the best of us. The DOD has located where Superman is just as Zod seems to gain a foothold in Clark. Jon heads to talk to John Henry Irons before his mission noting, "there's always another way". Steel (John Henry Irons in his suit) heads to confront Superman who arrives to greet him and immediately takes him on.
  5. Man of Steel vs Steel: The battle between Superman and Steel leans heavily in Superman's favor. Steel is cautious because he isn't sure if Superman is still Superman and Superman isn't at full strength bouncing between Zod and himself. When Steel gets an advantage to take Superman out, he makes a bet on Superman and takes his helmet off. He appeals to Clark to fight for his family, remember who he is, and continue to be Earth's protector. This is enough to have Kal-El push out the foreign Krytonian influence aka Zod. Superman fully back in control turns to Steel and says he'll be back as soon as he and Steel deal with Morgan Edge!

In the final wrap up moments, Steel and Superman get the jump on Morgan Edge. Edge was given a final order from Zeta-Rho to complete his mission. He takes the Eradicator high into Earth Orbit and uses his heat vision on it just as Steel hits him with a red sun rocket. Tal-Rho falls to Earth where Superman knocks him out and he is taken to a state of the art military prison where he can't hurt anyone again. Clark returns to the farm where he embraces his family and thanks Steel for his intervention. Edge, sitting in a Kryptonite prison still smirks thinking he's still got something up his sleeve! Leslie Larr is still on the loose.

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#2 RE: Through the Valley of Death RecapCatPat 2021-07-14 17:17
Another good episode... I am glad they didn't drag out the Zod memory implant and dealt with it in one episode.I would have liked more Diggle but I didn't think we would get him at all on S&L, so I'll take what was given.

I am still wondering how long until Natalie opens a portal and joins her dad on the S&L Earth...?
#1 RE: Through the Valley of Death Recapvantheman77 2021-07-13 20:03
Love the interaction between Irons and Diggle.

The fight between Superman and Steel is the other side of their last fight. It's also what the fight in Batman v Superman should have been.

Love the Super-hearing communication between Superman and Jordan.

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