Through the Valley of Death Trailer

Yet another Superman and Lois episode that has left us with our jaws on the floor and with a full heart of admiration for how this show is honoring the legend of Superman and still telling a brand new story. Before jumping into the trailer for the next new episode which is titled "Through the Valley of Death", there is a bit of house cleaning news we need to cover. The show will not be new next week or the first week of July. This is in part for the show's benefit and for the Fourth of July weekend. Superman and Lois will return with new episodes July 13th! But with that said, here's a first look at the next new episode below:

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#3 RE: Through the Valley of Death TrailerSuperman-and-Lois-Admin 2021-06-24 19:26
Quoting CatPat:
I thought Ramsey was going to direct but not appear in S&L?

He said he wasn’t in the episode he directed I believe
#2 RE: Through the Valley of Death TrailerCatPat 2021-06-24 16:57
I thought Ramsey was going to direct but not appear in S&L?
#1 RE: Through the Valley of Death Trailervantheman77 2021-06-22 20:13
I wonder if both Johns - Irons and Diggle will meet in this one.

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