Tried and True Recap

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! We hope you are enjoying the show and enjoying our coverage of the show, advertisement free, as always! Later on tonight, we will have an exclusive interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui, to discuss the big changes in Lana's life and what to expect as the season moves ahead. Looking ahead to tonight, this episode really opened us up to the bizarro world and we got to see what Ally's true intent is! Additionally the end of the episode left us with the biggest surprise to date! Jonathan and Jordan not getting along hurts but it's clear the inhaler is doing something to Jonathan. Let's dive into the episode, here's what stood out to us:

  1. All the Reverse: We open with a reversed or mirrored view of the Kent home. Bizarro Superman is there. We then see him get into a big fight and it turns out Lana is a member of the Supermen of America. Bizarro is able to defeat them all and take the medallion from Ally. He is here to stop the other Ally from merging the universes, that will throw all of us into oblivion. Clark and Lois debrief what he learned from Bizarro. At the DEO, Anderson is dressed down by his superior officer. She is angry that he has allowed his relationship with Superman to deteriorate. Jordan goes to talk powers with his brother and Jordan finds the inhaler. Jonathan is going to start at QB because the other QB, who was taking the X-K is sick. Lois reminds Clark to look in on Lana after Kyle's cheating revelation.
  2. Cortez Home: Just the girls are at Lana's place. Lana breaks down with Kyle and Sarah goes to comfort her. General Lane arrives to try and mend his daughters' relationship. The three agree and go into the barn. Anderson and Superman attend the funeral of the fallen Supermen of America. Superman wants to speak to Anderson about the medallion. Jonathan is eager to play football and asks that Jordan keep his secret about having powers. He is still lying about the X-K. Kyle, still wearing what he wore the night before, goes to Lana to ask forgiveness. Lana isn't quick to forgive and asks Kyle to leave. Lois and Lucy seem to put their guard down and begin to speak as sisters. Superman asks Anderson for the medallion but he isn't pleased. Superman hears an emergency and flies off.
  3. Russian Landslide: Just as Superman has done for the North Koreans, when people are in need, he is there. Superman stops an avalanche from crushing a town in Russia. Lucy catches up with the boys and Clark. She is a big football fan. Lana calls Clark and he goes to her aide before the football game. Anderson asks his superior officer to take action to find the rouge Kryptonian. Lana and Clark debrief about Kyle. Clark gives some wise advice. Lana, heeding Clark's advice, goes to speak with the woman Kyle cheated with.
  4. Football Gator Food: Jonathan uses the inhaler before the game. In doing so, he has a stellar game and throws many touchdowns. Lucy and Lois have a great time until Ally is brought up. While General Lane is gone, Lois and Lucy break down talks and Lucy leaves. Lana learns that Kyle broke off the cheating when Sarah had her accident. Clark hears danger during the game and he has to leave before Jonathan's game is over. At the end of the game, Jordan learns about the inhaler.
  5. Anderson vs Superman: Superman arrives at the DOD and is betrayed by Anderson. He is trapped in a red sunlight room. We then see the same fight Bizarro did in the beginning but this time, Superman is shot by a kryptonite bullet by Anderson. Jordan confronts Jonathan about the inhaler and Jonathan is uncharacteristically angry.

In the final wrap up moments, Lana approaches Kyle and asks if he would have called off the affair to save a marriage not just his family. Until Lana can be sure she loves him still, she asks him to move out. Jonathan asks Jordan about the inhaler but Jordan is not happy with him and dismisses him. General Lane arrives to let Lois know Clark was arrested on charges of treason! Check out a preview for the next all new Superman and Lois below:

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#2 RE: Tried and True Recapvantheman77 2022-03-09 11:58
It was great showing the Lane family side.

Superman saving Russia was a great moment.
#1 RE: Tried and True RecapCRSmfan 2022-03-02 02:02
"Superman stops an avalanche from crushing a town in Russia" - Absolutely Super it was too, a nice combination of flight, freeze breath, heat vision and even a smile and speaking the local language (Russian in this case). Super saves will always be my highlight of any episode they're in and this was no different. Awesome stuff.

Another excellent performance from Tyler as both Clark/Superman and Bizarro.

Also enjoying the scenes with Lara.

Nice watching Jenna Dewan as Lucy again. Particularly enjoyed the scenes where Lucy connected with her nephews over Football and her scenes with Lois (when they were being a happy family and not arguing with each other).

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