Time for another all new episode of Superman and Lois! Unfortunately we are going into another hiatus after tonight's episode. There was a Covid-related shut down in production and the finale is being wrapped filming wise as we speak. That leaves pleanty of time for the special effects to be put in which continue to amaze us! But for tonight, we look ahead to a brotherly struggle of a different nature. Jon-El is here to merge with Jonathan Kent and with a weakened Superman on his tail, it could be just Jordan to stands in Jon-El's way. Is Jordan strong enough for the task? We'll find out together, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Jon-El Interupted: Jon-El seems to have more power than Jordan and begins the merging process. Superman was fast enough to get back to our Earth though and he breaks them apart. The Kents call on John Henry to help block any shared visions. Clark hunts Jon-El who Jon tells Clark that he's on Main Street. Interupted by Lana, Clark is stopped long enough to let Jon-El escape. Lois suggests that Jordan write a letter to Sarah about what he's feeling.
  2. 33 Days: Time moves differently for Bizarro Earth. Clark thinks he's only been gone one day. Jon gets questioned by his parents about the drugs but Jon is feeling heard. Lana and Kyle have given Sarah a car and Sarah and Lana both speak about how the Kents sometimes don't seem present. John Henry and Natalie work on the new tech and John promises to protect Natalie at all costs. Jon-El visits the Cushings and takes Lana out quickly!
  3. Mayor Kidnapped: Lois goes to speak with Lana in the mayoral office. She speaks with Sarah and tries to smooth things over for Jordan. This tips Lois off to Jon-El taking Lana. Clark goes to investigate after a big fight with Jon about his secret. Sarah puts it together too and goes to the Kents to get help. Jon-El looks to be performing a vision joining with Lana so she can see her other self. 
  4. Jon-El The Terrible: Jon has Lana and he is setting a trap for Clark. After continuing to lie about who they are, the whole Kent family starts to question if keeping Clark's secret from those close makes sense. Superman finds Lana after a shared Jon vision and goes to save her. Jon-El blows up a gas tank that he's lined with Kryptonite. This saves Lana but Clark is down. Jon-El stabs him with Kryptonite. At the cave, Bizarro Lana arrives.
  5. Brother Battle: Superman is stopped while Kryptonite is in his system. Lana has to pull it all out. Jon-El has arrived to merge. Bizarro Lana beats the crap out of John Henry, but Natalie stabs her with XK and she retreats. Jordan fights Jon-El and it goes badly for him at first but he ends up becoming more powerful and defeats him. 

In the final wrap up moments, Superman goes back for Lana. He thanks her for saving him and heads home. John and Natalie share a moment after being saved. Lois says she was wrong about the letter. Jordan asks Lois to read the letter and she finds out that Jordan was going to tell Sarah his secret. Clark goes to speak with his family about the secret and they all decide that it's ok to tell Lana who Clark really is. Clark then reveals himself to Lana! Check out a trailer for the next all new episode below:

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+1 #2 RE: Truth and Consequences Recapvantheman77 2022-05-04 01:11
Whatever emphasis they have Lana and her family this season has lead up to this episode.
#1 The last sceneRobertAnthony 2022-05-03 18:04
Lives up to the title as Clark tells Lana who he really is.

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