Uncontrollable Forces Recap:

Welcome back Superman and Lois fans! With the DCEU crumbling around itself and the movies that are going to come out have no future with the reboot, we are still happy on our little oasis that is Superman and Lois. It really is the only place to get Superman content and the quality matches that of any big budget film in works today! Truly an incredible achievement! Last week's season opener clearly had some of the most cinematic scenes we've seen with Superman cocking his head to the side walking through fire! Incredible! But, let's look forward to an all new episode of Superman and Lois, Uncontrollable Forces! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Lois' Health: We open with a montage that there is something wrong with Lois' health. Lois and Clark discuss having another baby but seem to be ok with not moving forward. Natalie and Sarah find a party in Metropolis they want to go to. Former Mayor George calls Lana for help, he is attacked from the mysterious figure from the last episode. Before he can tell Lana everything he is killed.
  2. Judge Interview: Clark and Lois head to Metropolis to interview the judge that let Henry Miller out. Jonathan and Jordan hear about the Metropolis party too and make plans to go. Kyle and Crissy discuss the death of the old mayor and notice that he was killed without bullets somehow. At the party, Natalie and Sarah find out Natalie's crush is taken. Jonathan and his ex take a moment for a private chat. Sarah introduces Mateo to Natalie. Sarah runs into Jordan at the party. In Metropolis, the Judge is being pressured by some criminal types.
  3. Metropolis Mystery: Clark and Lois split up to follow the criminals and the judge. Natalie hits it off with her new guy, Jonathan gets a gift from his ex and Jordan and Sarah talk about their new normal. Lana goes to John Henry's place and ends up staying for dinner. The judge goes to the roof of the courthouse seemingly to kill herself. Mannheim calls to Superman for a visit.
  4. Mannheim and Superman: Superman interrogates Mannheim. Mannheim claims to be the hero of Hobbs Bay. There is no way he can be caught. Lois begs for the judge to get down from the ledge. Lana and John Henry speak of the "pride of Smallville" and gather it might be a clue to something. Jonathan's ex makes a move on him, but he has his girlfriend in Smallville. He retreats immediately. After crushing the boys from Metropolis at beer pong, Sarah and the Kent boys get into a fight. Sarah throws a drink in the bully's face and the Smallville kids leave. John Henry and Lana find a USB at the mayor's office right when they get attacked.
  5. Mayoral Attack: The mystery figure arrives at the mayor's office and takes the USB from Lana. Mannheim speaks on how he is the hero of Suicide Slums. Lois tells the judge that she has cancer and it's aggressive. This gives the judge hope to step down from the ledge. Superman and Lois hug on the roof having overheard the cancer diagnosis.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, we discover that Lois has stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. Its a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Jordan froze the bully's new car in revenge. John Henry sets up a security system for Lana. Lois and Clark tell the boys about her cancer. Check out a preview of next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Uncontrollable Forces Recap:vantheman77 2023-03-21 19:20
An emotionally powerful followup to the season premiere and it’s one that Superman and Jordan can’t beat.

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