Waiting for Superman Recap

Well we're finally here Superman and Lois fans! The big season 2 finale and we know there are going to be some incredible moments and some huge shockers! We know that the Supergirl question will be answered in tonight's episode, we know that David Ramsay's John Diggle is also returning and from the galleries we know he has something for John Henry. Also looking at the photos we see a nice scene with Clark hugging Lana. Did they finally reconcile? We are crossing our fingers but we know we are going to be in for a wild ride! Let's jump into the episode, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Alerting the World: Chrissy breaks the news to the world that Earth merging is a thing and that it is happening right now. The worlds are starting to merge and it isn't clear how or where you end up. Kyle has gone missing, and once it was discovered that John Henry is alive, Lois gets trapped in the other world while Tal-Rho appears.
  2. Lois Swap: Lois has been trapped in the other world but her Dad is there with her. Bizarro Lois, walks into the farm. The Cushings still look to find Kyle. Tal-Rho and Clark form a more brotherly-like bond as they consider how to stop Ally. Tal heads off to fight Ally but immediately gets his powers sucked. Clark allows Jordan to go rescue him and lands a big blow on her and returns Tal to Earth.
  3. Tossed into The Sun: Clark thinks that if he is thrown into the sun, he might have his powers jump started. He asks Tal to throw him into the sun. Natalie prepares a plan to get her dad back. The Fire department asks Lana what they should do. Lana says be with your families. Lois finds Chrissy and they work out a way to speak before she gets zapped away. Lois finds Kyle on the other Earth. Planes are crashing all over. Natalie forgets the XK and thwarts John's plan. Clark is thrown into the sun.
  4. Suicide Plan?: Natalie and John transfer their remaining power in their suit to the escape pod. They think they can use it to stop the merge. Kyle is transported back to our Earth and sees his family. Sam returns to our Earth and gives the boys hope. Superman is super-charged in the sun's core. John and Natalie send the pod to stop the merge and it works! They are stranded out in the void though. Superman, now solar charged to the max, saves the Irons and takes on Ally. He has so much power that he overloads Ally and splits her apart into two people again. He flys around the merging Earth and hits it so hard they split apart too!
  5. Miracle Monday: Smallville throws a celebration for Superman. Clark and Lana talk and Lana gives Clark her friendship again. Lois tells Chrissy the truth about Superman. The two bond over the showing of trust. Jordan and Sarah speak. They finally have the truth out about the Kents. Sarah and Jordan decide to start over again. Clark and Lois share a slow dance at the festival. Lana tells Kyle they can't ever go back to how it was. 

In the final wrap up moments, Lois speaks with Ally in her other form. She admits that merging was wrong. Uncle Tal has gotten the boys brand new trucks. Tal has gone to Bizarro world to be a hero there? John Diggle arrives to talk to John Henry about Bruno Mannheim. Bruno killed John Henry Irons from our world! Lucy thanks Lois for saving her. Sam and Lucy are going on a trip to Metropolis. Clark takes his family out on the Ocean. He is making a new fortress out there for all of them. 

That wraps season 2! Stick with us for more news, rumors, and spoilers for season 3! Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!

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+1 #2 RE: Waiting for Superman RecapCRSmfan 2022-06-29 03:35
6 starts out of 6. An absolutely superb finale highlighted by the epic Superman save the world moment. Definitely worth a couple more re-watches.

Highlights for me of Season 2
- Bizarro Superman and Tyler's magnificent performance (as both Bizarro and Superman).
- The Lane Family (Lois/Lucy/Sam) story-line.
- Brothers, Kal-El and Tal-Rho.
- The Finale, my favourite episode of the season.
+1 #1 RE: Waiting for Superman Recapvantheman77 2022-06-28 20:04
This is what Superman should be portrayed live action.

As for not being in Earth-Prime…good. That opens up freedom to recast and do new versions of characters used in Supergirl.

I say this is the new Earth-38 or an Earth-S.

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