Worlds War Bizarre Recap

Only two episodes remain for this season and we were left in a very bad place last episode. Superman is now more man, than super. Adding to that, Ally has begun the process of pulling the Earths together! This has us wondering, how might Jordan step up? Will Tal-Rho make a game-saving appearance? You know that when we get into these final episodes all the insane and fun things start to happen and we are sure we'll be left amazed yet again. Also, the executive producer said we will learn more about Supergirl and her absence so far. There's a lot to unpack and a lot to explore, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Clark the Man: Superman wakes up in his hospital bed. He's very tired and de-powered. Superman is concerned that he isn't getting better, the sun doesn't seem like its recharging him. Clark goes to John Henry to take him to the fortress. At the Cushings, they see a message breaking through from the other Earth. We find out Superman's cells need to heal. He didn't develop powers until he was four, this is insinuating that it might take 4 years for Superman to heal. Just then a cubed sun appears in the sky.
  2. Shutting Down Chrissy: The team is updated on Clark's situation, John and Natalie are going to fly into the sky and take readings. Lana is going to meet with Chrissy who wants to let everyone know what's going on. General Lane asks Lois to shut it down. Sam says that Superman might have made a mistake by saving him and getting de-powered. Clark says, it's never wrong to save a life. Lois, Chrissy and Lana talk about the truth of what's going on. Just then, Bizarro Lana arrives to kill Clark. 
  3. 12 Hours: Lana-Rho takes on Jordan but he is beat. The Irons arrive to get Lana to depart. Jordan feels bad that he didn't save his dad. The boys are feeling scared that they can't help. Lois reminds Clark that Superman is more than his powers. Superman is hope! 
  4. Town Hall: Superman puts his suit back on and even de-powered goes to the Town Hall to back Smallville and Lana. He gives them hope and the townspeople leave without incident. Natalie upgrades her dad's suit. John has locked Natalie out of her suit. He is going to the other world to stop Ally. John asks his daughter to assist him on comms. Jon-El and Lana-Rho arrive to get Lana.
  5. In the Portals: John makes it into the space between the portals. He has sights on Ally. Jordan talks with Sarah and she says she's ready to hear more but Jordan refrains and Lana takes her away. Then Lana-Rho arrives and Jordan takes her on. Jon-El arrives to take on Clark. Without powers, he is downed fast. Jordan does step it up and takes on Lana-Rho and Jon-El. When Natalie arrives, the two manage to save the day!

In the final wrap up moments, The DOD arrives at the school to clean up. We learn that we've lost contact with John Henry. Sarah realizes that Jordan has powers, and she also knows that her mom has been keeping this secret. Sarah wouldn't have broken up with him if Jordan was able to tell her his secret. In the last scene, we see the Earths starting to merge. Check out the trailer for the season finale below:

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#2 RE: Worlds War Bizarre Recapvantheman77 2022-06-22 10:38
The writers blew it by not having Clark and Jonathan bond over being powerless and getting them closer.

Also Lois and Jonathan look useless when Jon-El and Lana Rho attacked both Clark and Jordan. Lois is not a passive character.
#1 RE: Worlds War Bizarre RecapCRSmfan 2022-06-22 02:38
So so good. There wasn't one thing that stood out but as a whole the episode was thoroughly enjoyable. Did miss Superman in action but the finale should deliver on the front hopefully.

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